Choosing the right NOC code is one of the most important parts of your immigration procedure. A wrong NOC code that doesn’t actually match your previous work experience will lead to the refusal of your application.

NOC: Skill Level Types    (A,B,C,D or Type 0)


Skill Type 0 (zero):

Occupations related to management, such as restaurant managers, mine managers, etc.


Skill Level A:

Professional occupations that usually need a university degree, such as doctors, dentists, architects, etc.


Skill Level B:

Technical occupations and skilled trades that usually require a college diploma or apprentice training, such as chefs, plumbers, electricians, etc.


Skill Level C:

Intermediate occupation that usually needs a high school diploma, such as truck drivers, industrial butchers, receptionists, food and beverage servers, etc.


Skill Level D:

labor jobs that usually only require on-job training, such as fruit pickers, cleaning staff, oil field workers, etc.


How to FIND the right NOC Code? [5 Easy Steps]


Go to NOC Website


*Search Job Title

If you do not know your NOC code then Click on the “Search by Job Title” Tab.


If you are not sure about your job designation then you can start typing any keyword related to your designation. For Example : Web


If you are sure about your job designation then type your job title under the “Enter your job title” field. For example : Web Developer”.


Choose NOC Code wisely If you have multiple NOC Codes, and for more detailed information you can:

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