Limited Opportunities 

      -   Studying in a Canadian college or university does not guarantee a dream job.     -    Many end up with low paying jobs  to pay back student loans.


Job Prospect

According to a Canadian survey, more than 50% of immigrants switch to a different career as compare to their home country as they are finding many difficulties to find a job in their related careers.


Costly Cell Phone & Internet 

Canada is one of the top most expensive countries in terms of mobile packages and data services.


Medical Insurance

The bitter truth is most of the health insurance is converting itself in the private sector to increase their gross income.


High Car Insurance

 By Cities  *Approx via: rates.ca #1. Vaughan         = $2,179 PA #2. Ajax                 = $2,104 PA #3.Richmond Hill = $2,025 PA #4.Brampton        = $1,976 PA #5.Mississauga   = $1,971 PA


Freezing Temperature

Canada is one of the coldest countries in the world where the temperature falls down to -40°C or more in some provinces.


Unaffordable Housing

Affording house in Canada is much difficult  because housing prices in Canada are skyrocketing. Avg. house price is $637,673 that can go upto  $1.5 Million.


Cost Of Higher Education

The expensive education system may be the reason why many of the Canadians could not afford higher education and  have done higher school only.


Higher Taxes

Are you paying 50 -55% of your income in your home country? Obviously no. Get ready to pay in Canada if you are going to earn above $100k annually. 

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