Hi, I am Sona, Master’s in Computers, have an  IT background and landed in Canada (2019) with my family as PR.

My dream of having a Canadian PR (permanent residency) started in 2014.

After 4 years of long struggle from Express entry to SINP to PR, finally, my dream finally came true in 2019.

I didn’t take any help from anyone to process my case.

I would like to mention that I have completed the whole Express Entry to PR journey on my own. I have cleared all the hurdles and resolved issues faced during my PR process.

Finding solutions to my problems, and questions regarding various things were really a very hectic job.

I used to spend a whole day finding a reliable answer to even my single query.

This inspired me to make this FREE “Express Entry to PR” DIY guide blog from my experience and years of research to help you people with all the queries.

I am sharing all my years of experiences, knowledge, and research as a new immigrant here in Canada to help settle down new immigrants in any part of Canada.

NOTE: After getting a lot of queries from Mapple Dreams subscribers and members who are aspiring immigrants, I’ve partnered with a regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant RCIC to provide the best, affordable and trusted legal help to those who are looking for legal/professional help during their Canadian immigration process.

We have a small but super talented Mapple Dreams team, our aim is to provide the best legal advice and help at much affordable cost, so that you can proceed your cases on your own and only avail our legal immigration services from our trusted licensed RCIC partner whenever needed by simply contacting us here.

Email me your queries to sona@mappledreams.com I will be more than happy to help.

I have already gone through a real initial struggle here, which is really depressing for any new immigrants. I want you to cut down the initial phase and my aim is to make Mapple Dreams ‘A new immigrant’s step-by-step settlement guide‘. So that you can just focus on your careers and you have to less struggle to settle down here.


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I will be sharing all my knowledge in blog posts and vlogs on my YouTube channel that I have gained from my journey.

I will do my best to provide you with the most needed and accurate information and I will keep sharing my experiences here in Canada that I would find helpful for new immigrants to settle down.

Stay tuned for the latest blog posts.

I am proud to share that Mapple Dreams is one of the fastest-growing and trusted community site for information on the Express Entry/PNP to Canada PR process, How-To-Guides and helpful new immigrants guide blogs posted on the web, which are available completely FREE to all.

Disclaimer: Mapple Dreams Partnering with an expert RCIC consultant to guide your Canadian immigration journey. Expert, Honest, Genuine Immigration guidance that is trusted. While I’m not a licensed professional, I offer insights from my experiences and our partner’s expertise, aiming to direct you to your MaPple Dream. For genuine detailed, up-to-date legal advice, always consult us. Mapple Dreams blog and YouTube videos provide ‘free DIY information’ for informational and educational purposes only.
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