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Frequently Asked Questions

Sona, the founder of Mapple Dreams, is an IT professional who moved to Canada in 2019 with her family as permanent residents. She created Mapple Dreams to share her journey and experiences, aiming to help new immigrants settle in Canada and created this FREE DIY resources to help aspiring immigrants to handle their immigration process by their own. 

Meet: Mapple Dreams Team

I (Sona) was motivated by my own struggles and the challenges I faced while navigating the Express Entry to PR process alone. My journey to Canadian PR was a 4-year roller coaster, which I managed to navigate by myself without anyone’s help. My goal is to provide step-by-step FREE guides and share my knowledge to assist others in their journey to Canadian PR without the need for agents.

Mapple Dreams blog offers a FREE wide range of guides and resources for new immigrants, including how to navigate the Express Entry to PR process, settlement guides, and personal experiences of living in Canada. The content is designed to make the immigration and settlement process easier for aspiring and new immigrants by providing reliable and researched information for free. All the content available on this ‘Mapple Dreams’ blog is completely free. Our team continuously put efforts to create more and more well researched, fact checked authentic informative and educational content to help aspiring immigrants and new immigrants with their Canadian journey.

For more detailed information, you can visit our about us.

Mapple Dreams specializes in offering comprehensive immigration consulting and support services. To provide you assistance with all your immigration/legal queries and issues, Mapple Dreams is partnered with a reputed, trusted RCIC consultant, Our offerings include:

Legal Visa Processing: In partnership with a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), we ensure your application meets all legal standards for Canadian immigration.
Free DIY Immigration Blog: Access a wealth of free resources, guides, and DIY detailed articles to help you navigate the immigration process on your own.
Step-by-Step Guidance: Whether you’re looking for professional assistance or prefer the DIY route, we provide clear, step-by-step guidance tailored to your immigration journey.

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Mapple Dreams partners with registered RCIC to provide you with expert legal immigration consulting. We at Mapple Dreams will always guide you to the right direction with your immigration journey to Canada. Our RCIC partners are fully licensed and authorized by the Canadian government to represent and advise you on immigration process, ensuring your application adheres to the latest legal requirements. This partnership allows us to offer a blend of professional advice at much affordable prices and processing services alongside our FREE educational resources.

To reach out to Mapple Dreams team, you can use the following contact details only:

Email: Please remember its MaPPle (with PP) not MaPle.

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Disclaimer: These are the only official contact methods for Mapple Dreams. Be cautious of scam emails and always verify that you are communicating through these authorized channels.
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