Top 5 Best Real Estate Websites in Canada 2024

Best Real Estate Websites in Canada

Are you buying or selling your home in Canada? These 5 best real estate websites in Canada will make listing your property or buying your new home pretty easy. Finding your first home in Canada is a real struggle. After all, this is the biggest decision of your life. You really have to analyze a lot of things initially before even searching for a property.

These popular Canadian real estate websites make your research smooth, you can search for homes or sell your property from the comfort of your palm using your phone.

As a new immigrant like many Canadians, I’ve gone through this research and have used a lot of Canadian real estate websites to find the best properties.

These websites are going to provide you with instant and accurate results for your search queries. They are completely safe. Most importantly you won’t be required to provide any of your personal information. Personal information like signing up or giving any kind of card information initially just to view the properties. This would be solely your choice if you want to subscribe to their new listings newsletters.

Let’s find out what are the most popular and top-rated real estate websites in Canada in 2024.

Top 5 Best Real Estate Websites in Canada 2024

I am going to list the 5 popular Canadian real estate websites that I hope you will find helpful.

The list will include the year they were launched, the amount of traffic they are getting monthly, and each website’s unique feature.

#1. – Canada’s Best Real Estate Site

When it comes to real estate, tops the list, their reliability makes them the No.1 real estate website in Canada.

#1 Best real estate website in Canada -
No.1 Best real estate website in Canada: logo

Of course, is the most trusted and popular website here in Canada and is currently the #1 most visited real estate website in Canada.

Here are some of the facts, wiki and company stats.

[] [Company Stats]
Year Launched 2000
Headquarters Ottawa, Ontario
Registered Trade Mark REALTOR®
Monthly Traffic Volume 30 Million+
Number of Real estate Listing 273,810+
Owned & Operated by CREA: Canadian Real Estate Association
Real Estate Sector
  • Residential
  • Commercial
REALTOR® Official Links Mobile Apps Downloads
REALTOR® on Social Media
*Last Updated: April 2024

Why REALTOR® is a trusted real estate website in Canada?

This is because the website is owned and operated by the CREA which is the Canadian Real Estate Association. This is also one of the oldest Canadian real estate websites launched in the year 2000.

I would say they have the most accurate, biggest and up-to-date data which makes them a reliable source of correct information. This is the reason many Canadian real estate sites get listings fetched from

They are getting around 20 million visitors every month. deals in both residential and commercial properties all around Canada. Top Real Estate Search Features

Here I am going to demonstrate some of the top features of the top real estate website.

you will get to know how you can perform the best search and benefits the most. Here are the step-by-step instructions. - Residential and Commercial – Residential and Commercial Feature | mobile version

1. You can search real estate listings by choosing RESIDENTIAL or COMMERCIAL.

2. Browse their mortgage calculator tools, which include a payment calculator, land transfer tax calculator and affordability calculator.

3. Resume your search anytime without even signing into it.

4. They have 261,758+ listings on their platform as of April 2024 (numbers constantly changing).

5. Sort by feature: You can sort listings by newest, oldest, lowest price or highest price.

Sorting feature in
Sorting feature in | on mobile

6. Use a map, you can easily zoom in on the map and your searched location boundary and find out the listings. For example, I have searched for ‘downtown Toronto’. You can see it has made a boundary around the downtown area and shows the active listings there.

‘Search within boundary’ map listing feature | on mobile

7. If you just hover over the listing and click on the ‘numbers’ showing on the listings. It will show you the results with the price and actual location on it.

Here’s an example of that:

View on mobile

8. Here I am going to tell you the best feature, that I loved the most ‘Filters’. They have marked ‘New‘ on it because they have made great changes to the search filters.

9. The best thing I liked the most in filters is ‘keywords‘. You can just put your personalized keyword, and what exactly you want to include in the listings, and it will filter the results according to that.

Let me show you an example here: New Real Estate Search Feature - Filters Filters Feature | desktop version

10. To use this ‘Filters’ feature, just click on the ‘Filters‘ showing next to the search bar. It will open up this above-shown pop-up window.

You can choose all these options according to your desire:

  • Property Type
  • Transaction Type
  • Min. Price
  • Max. Price
  • Beds
  • Baths
  • Land Size (This is a new option)
  • Listing Since
  • Building type
  • Storeys
  • Ownership/Title
  • Year Built (Another new feature option)
  • Open Houses Only
  • Live Streams Only (Another new great feature)
  • Keywords

After filling out all these details, you just have to hit ‘Search‘.

11. This one is the last on the list, but not the least. ‘Resume Search’ feature, wherever you leave your search, you can automatically resume your search from that and that’s without even signing into your account.

Here is an example of a ‘Resume search’

Now just start hunting according to your requirements and budget.

💡Tip: I would highly recommend using any real estate websites from the list on the desktop for the best results and better use of features. Although all the websites are super mobile friendly and have everything in the mobile website version, In my opinion, desktops show you better listing viewing and better features choice.

#2. – Real Estate Canada

Royal LePage is the second most popular real estate website in Canada.

Royal LePage is the oldest real estate company in Canada serving since 1913.

Royal LePage Real estate Listing Website Canada Real estate Listing Website Canada

Let’s check some stats, wiki and facts about Royal LePage.

[] [Company Stats]
Year Launched July 2, 1913
Royal LePage Headquarters Toronto, Ontario
Average Monthly Traffic Volume 3 Million to 4 Million+ visits monthly
Number of Real estate Listing Not Known
Owned by Bridgemarq Real Estate Services
Royal LePage CEO Phil Soper
Parent Company Headquarters Brookfield Place, Toronto, ON
Stock Ticker TSX:BRE
Real Estate Sector
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Rentals
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Luxury Properties
Royal LePage Official website
Royal LePage on Social Media

Royal LePage Real Estate Key Highlights

  • A 26-year-old young guy from Toronto, named Albert E. LePage, established his real estate company named A.E. LePage in the year 1913 in Toronto, Canada.
  • A.E. LePage got its new name Royal LePage in the year 1984 after it got merged with Royal Trust co.
  • A.E. LePage aka Royal LePage is 109 years old real estate company that proudly serves Canadians.
  • Royal LePage has its official main corporate head office located in Toronto, Ontario.
  • Phil Soper is currently the CEO of Royal LePage.
  • RoyalLePage is owned and operated by the parent company Bridgemarq Real Estate Services. Top Real Estate Search Features

Every real estate website has its own unique features. Royal LePage also has really cool unique features let’s take a look step-by-step at how to use it.

Royal LePage Real Estate Website Features
Royal LePage Real Estate Website Best Features

1. Royal LePage has a very user-friendly home page, with a search bar ‘start your home search’. Which looks pretty simple, clean and straightforward.

2. They have given an amazing feature ‘Search by’ to search your home. You can search by:

  • Location
  • Schools
  • Travel Time

Other important features, one can select are:

  • Price Range
  • Beds & Bath
  • Buy or Rent

3. I really loved these unique features where you can search your real estate property by ‘Schools’ and ‘Travel Time’ despite just by typical locations.

4. Here is how to use my favourite ‘Search by: School’ feature.

  • Select School from the drop-down menu if you are using the mobile version.
  • Or just simply click on search by ‘School’ on a desktop version.
  • Type in ‘your school name’.
  • Then select price range: for example, I have selected $8,00,000
  • Beds & Baths, for demo purposes I have selected ‘2 Beds’
  • Buy or Rent: make sure Buy is selected.
Real estate search by school - Royal LePage
Real estate search by school – Royal LePage

5. If you look at the bottom, there is an ‘Advanced Search‘ feature as well. This is another amazing feature Royal LePage offers.

Royal LePage Advanced Search
Royal LePage: Advanced search feature.
  • Click on the ‘Advanced Search
  • you will see a wide property type selection: select the property type which you are looking for eg. house, condo, investment, commercial etc.
  • Another useful feature is, ‘Show Only‘ where you can select according to your preference, eg. Open houses, virtual open houses, new listings etc.
  • Keyword Search: you can search using your specific phrases eg. finished basement, granite, open concept etc.
  • Then hit the ‘Search‘ button.

6. I would also like to mention a few more advanced features, you can further select these options.

You can choose further personal preferences for example:

Transportation: Here you can choose search options according to your need, if you are using transit for your daily commute, you will definitely look for Transit-friendly property.

  • Pedestrian-friendly
  • Transit friendly
  • Car friendly

Access to Services: Using this feature, you can choose if you prefer living near shopping centers, schools etc, you can choose any option shown in the image above.

  • Grocery stores
  • high schools
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping etc.

Character: This means if you prefer living in a quiet neighbourhood, you can choose that option.

  • Quiet
  • Vibrancy

7. It will show you the results with a map, according to your selected features, and will give you an amazing personalized real estate searching experience.

I hope I have covered every important feature and hope you will find my features guide helpful.

#3. – RE/MAX Canada

The third most popular in our list is Re/Max Canada.

Remax Canada - top real restate website in Canada

2nd Best real estate website in Canada: logo

Re/Max has been in the Canadian real estate market for more than 20 years. Re/Max is a reliable and extremely popular real estate website in Canada to buy or sell properties.

[] [Company Stats]
Year Launched 2000
Canada Headquarters/Corporate Offices
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Kelowna, British Columbia
Registered Trade Mark RE/MAX®
Average Monthly Traffic Volume 3 Million to 4 Million+ visits monthly
Number of Real estate Listing Not Known
Owned by RE/MAX, LLC
Parent Company Re/Max Holdings Inc
Parent Company Headquarters Denver, Colorado, U.S.A
Stock Ticker
Real Estate Sector
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Rentals
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Luxury
RE/MAX® Official Links
RE/MAX® on Social Media Key Highlights

  • was first launched in the year 2000.
  • aka RE/MAX has been around for more than 20 years in the Canadian real estate business.
  • Re/max Canada has residential, commercial, rentals, real estate agents and a lot of other categories.
  • On average Remax, Canada is getting 3 million to 4 million monthly visitors on from all over Canada.
  • Remax’s parent company Re/Max Holdings Inc is a publically traded company.
  • Re/Max Holdings Inc is listed on NYSE with a ticker NYSE: RMAX.
  • Remax has an official trademark: RE/MAX®. Top Real Estate Search Features

Let’s check some of the top real estate features, and how to use’s features properly step-by-step.

remax Canada Real estate desktop website
Search real estate listings on desktop |

1. You can search real estate listings searching by location, address or MLS number on the desktop website.

2. First, choose the category, if you are looking to buy, just select Buy or select Sell from the drop-down on the left side of the sidebar.

3. This is one of the coolest features, that they also provide you with an option to directly click on the ‘Popular Real estate Searches’ on their platform.

Real estate searches examples are shown in the image above:

  • New and Coming Soon
  • Listing Near Me
  • Condos Near Me
  • Calgary Listings
  • Vancouver Listings and so on.
Search real estate by locaiton on remax Canada mobile
Search by location/address | Mobile features

4. This is how the website looks on mobile (check the above image) and the same options you can use on mobile a bit differently. They have an amazing mobile-friendly and user-friendly website.

5. For the demonstration purpose, I have searched the location of the listing: ‘Downtown, Old Toronto’.

Remax Canada real restate listing search results
Remax real estate listing search results on mobile.

6. You can even switch the listing results to ‘Map’ from the bottom on mobile and you can switch back to ‘list’ viewing from the same button.

Here is how the listing shows in a ‘Map’ view:

7. They will show up the number of listings available, for example in the above-searched query they are showing it has 1207 listings available which are amazing.

Remax Full details of real estate listing results

8. Click on the listing you are interested in, Re/max will show up, all the important key details of the real estate property.

For example:

  • Price
  • Listed Since
  • Beds, Bath
  • Photos
  • Est. monthly mortgage payment

9. Estimated monthly mortgage payment amount calculator, this is an amazing feature.

Monthly mortgage payments feature Remax
Re/max Mortgage Calculator Tool
Quick Tip: The best feature that I liked the most while viewing the listing is your estimated mortgage payment amount. This is really important, especially these days when the mortgage interest rates are going up, you would instantly see an estimated monthly mortgage amount. You can calculate yourself as well, by changing the values.
  • You can change your interest rate according to yours.
  • Change downpayment amount
  • Amortization period

It will calculate the estimated amount for you so that you can have an idea instantly before sending your offer to the listing.

#4. – Best Real Estate Website in Québec

That’s right, Centris is the top-rated and best real estate website in Quebec. Best Real Estate Website in Quebec
Best Real Estate Website in Quebec | logo

Centris is dominating the real estate industry in Quebec for a while now. Real Estate Company Stats

Here are some of the interesting stats and facts about the company.

[] [Company Stats]
Year Founded 2008
Centris Headquarters/Corporate Offices Montreal, Quebec
Centris Registered Trade-Mark CENTRIS.CA™
Average Monthly Website Traffic Volume 10 Million to 12 Million+ visits monthly
Real Estate Sectors
  • All Types of Properties in Québec
  • All Real Estate Agencies in Québec
  • All Real Estate Brokers in Québec
  • Available in French and English both
Number of Real estate Listing 57,612
Parent Company Société Centris
CENTRIS.CA™ Official Links
CENTRIS.CA™ on Social Media
*Stats Last Updated: April 2024 Key Highlights

  • was founded in the year 2008.
  • has Canada’s largest real estate listings in the largest province of Canada: Quebec.
  • On average is getting massive 10 million to 12 million+ visitors from all around Quebec and Canada.
  • As of April 2024, CENTRIS has an amazing number of 61,892+ real estate listings.
  • Centris’s official registered trade-mark is CENTRIS.CA™
  • On average Centris, help desk receives around 6,000+ calls every month. Top Real Estate Search Features

Let’s find out some of the best features in Centris, and how to use step-by-step here:

1. Choose your option to search by Residential or Commercial.

centris top real estate search feature

2. For demonstration, I am selecting Residential and For Sale options here.

3. Choose ‘Filters‘ option, and select filters according to your desired property. You will get these options under Filters:

Filters option in

  • Price
  • Property Type
  • Features
  • Building
  • Plex
  • Other Criteria.

4. Let me show you what each ‘Filters‘ feature option looks like.

Check the below image to know what the ‘Price‘ and ‘Property Type‘ feature looks like.

Centris Property Type advanced feature

5. Next comes up is the ‘Features‘ option.

Here is what you get in this option:

Features option in Centris

This is an advanced feature, where you can choose or pre-set your desired requirements before performing the search. It gives you a wide but important option to choose from:

  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of washrooms/bathrooms
  • Parking spaces
  • Number of garages
  • Pool
  • Elevator, etc as shown in the image above.

Now select your desired options and proceed further.

6. Let’s move to another great filter called ‘Building‘.

Building Option -

In this feature, you can choose a building type, built between. eg. You can search like 2015 to 2022.

Now choose further important options, eg:

  • New constructions
  • Bungalow
  • Split Level
  • Detached or Attached etc.

6.  Plex is the next option that we are going to overview.

Plex feature in

Under ‘Plex‘ choose according to your desires, there are these 4 options available:

  • Duplex
  • Triplex
  • Quadruplex
  • Quintuplex

7.  Other Criteria: This great feature provides you with the option to search using Land area, New since ‘choose’ date.

Next, you get these three options to choose your listing:

  • Open houses
  • Virtual open houses
  • Foreclosed property

By choosing these options, you can further narrow down your search and find the exact best match for real estate results.


Zolo is one of Canada’s most popular and largest real estate websites visited by about 10 million people each month.

Zolo Canada's most popular real estate website
Canada’s popular real estate website | logo Real Estate Company Stats

Let’s check some important stats about

[] [Company Stats]
Year Launched 2012
  • Ryley Best
  • Jason Billingsley
  • Barry Allen
Zolo Realty President Mustafa Abbasi
Average Monthly Traffic Volume 8 Million to 10 Million+ visits monthly
Active Realtors 750+
Operated Under License from Questrade, Inc
Parent Company
  • Zolo Ventures Ltd.
  • Zolo Ventures Inc.
  • Zolo Realty (Ontario) Inc.
  • Zolo Realty (Alberta) Inc.
  • Zolo Realty (British Columbia) Inc.
  • Zolo Realty (Saskatchewan) Inc.
  • Zolo Realty (Manitoba) Inc.
  • Zolo Realty (Quebec) Inc.
  • Zolo Mortgages Ltd.
  • Zolo Mortgages (Alberta) Ltd
Parent Company Headquarters Vancouver, BC
Zolo Company Offices
  • Toronto, ON
  • London, ON
  • Ottawa, ON
  • Kitchener-Waterloo, ON
  • Windsor, ON
  • Peterborough/Kawartha Lakes, ON
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Victoria, BC
  • Kelowna, BC
  • Penticton, BC
  • Calgary, AB
  • Regina, SK
Real Estate Sector
  • Residential
  • Commercial
Zolo Official Website
Zolo App
Zolo on Social Media Key Highlights

  • Zolo has launched 10 years ago in the year 2012
  • Zolo was launched as a digital-first real estate company
  • celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2022
  • is getting massive 10 Million+ visitors from all around Canada
  • website is getting approx. $1.5 Billion+ visitors annually
  • Zolo Realty is operated under license from Questrade Inc.
  • Its parent company Zolo Ventures Ltd, its subsidiaries, and Questrade Inc. are members of the Questrade Financial Group Inc.
  • Zolo is proudly serving British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario since 2012.

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Quick List of The Best Real Estate Websites in Canada

Top Real Estate Sites in Canada Monthly Traffic Stats 30 Million+ 4 Million+ 4 Million+ 10 Million+ 10 Million+
Last updated: April 2024

Conclusion: Canada’s Best Real Estate Sites

I’ve tried my best to focus on every important stat of top Canadian real estate sites to cover in this post. I would wrap up this detailed post by including every possible helpful detail and feature of each website.

I did my own research putting myself in your shoes to put up what information would be the best for your search.

Note: All the details, stats and features that I’ve included are my own research (NOT sponsored).

I hope you will find this guide helpful and if you find it helpful please don’t hesitate to share it with your friends or whoever is looking for Canada’s best real estate sites list.

Best Real Estate Sites in Canada: FAQs

Q. Which is Canada’s oldest real estate company?

Royal LePage is the oldest real estate company in Canada which was launched in 1912.

Q. Which is Canada’s most visited real estate website (January 2024)?

As of January 2024, with an average of 30 Million+ visitors a month, is the #1 most visited and trusted real estate website in Canada.

Q. Which is the best real estate website in Canada in 2024? which is owned/operated by CREA with monthly traffic of 30 Million+ is the best real estate website in Canada.

Q. What are the top 5 real estate sites in Canada in 2024?,,, and are the top 5 real estate websites in Canada based on monthly traffic, top real estate listing features and other important stats.

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