Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program SINP PNP – A 2024 Step-by-Step Guide

SINP PNP step-by-step process

Some of you might know me already through my other blogs or through my SINP PNP step-by-step YouTube videos series. If you are a new reader on my blog, just to let you know I have completed the whole, Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program SINP PNP journey step by step on my own without getting anyone’s help. 

It was a 4 years long journey. Yes, a very long journey. That has motivated me to create this ultimate guide for you guys.

I am sharing all my knowledge, experience that i have gained from my own SINP PNP step by step process. I have put all my years of research and efforts to make it easy for you, tried my best to cleared your doubts and concerns.

That is the motive of this blog, to help you people to understand the SINP PNP concept in a easy way and so that you can process your immigration files by your own rather than spending time and money on consultants.

I have tried my best to provide you all the complete information in both blog/article and video formats. I hope you will like it.

Before following the SINP processing steps, lets check the documents requirement list first.

Documents Required for SINP PNP

  • A Valid Passport
  • Proof Of Funds
  • A valid IELTS score
  • ECA – Educational Credentials Assessment
  • Professional Certification (Only If your NOC code requires, eg CIPS)
  • Work Experience Related Documents (eg. reference letters, experience certificates) 
  • Employment Proof (eg. Salary Slips, Salary Bank Statements)
  • Legal Name Change Document (If you are married and changed your name)
  • Marriage Certificate (Translated in English)
  • Birth Certificates
  • SINP EOI Profile
  • A Valid Express Entry Profile (Only if applying via Express Entry Stream)
SINP PNP Complete Fees & Actual Canada PR Cost

Before proceeding towards the steps, its important to know the ACTUAL complete cost of Canada PR via SINP or Express entry.

Most of people do not consider these fees and charges, which are actually counted towards your total immigration journey cost from the very beginning.

I will highly recommend you to watch this video then proceed further, so that you can have a clear insights.

In this video you will know :

➭ How much i spent in total via SINP?

➭ How much a single applicant or a family of 2 or a family of 3 or more?

➭ From Funds Required to ECA, Licenses / Certifications to PNP Fees, Medical/PCC to Express Entry to Tickets Fees and much more.

*If you do not want to know the real cost, you can skip this part and proceed directly to the step by step instructions mentioned after this video.*

How to apply for SINP PNP step-by-step?

Lets proceed towards the SINP guide, this would be a 5 steps guide to complete your SINP PNP process.

I have put my extreme efforts to provide you the whole information in both video and article format. So that you can enjoy reading or watching the information in whatever format you would like. Its a complete DIY process, my motive is to motivate you to follow the official government guidelines and instructions and do it yourself and save your money and time.

NOTE: Some content can be outdated, or missing information due to frequent changes in the immigration process. Kindly always make sure you follow the official government websites links that I’ve mentioned in the articles. I have explained every step from my own experience how I did it and how this can be done by yourself. This DIY post is just for informational and educational purpose only, not a legal or any immigration advice.

Let’s check the steps, that I have followed.

STEP 1: All About Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

In this detailed guide, its important to understand all about SINP PNP first. I have provided you two formats to understand this.

So in this first step, You will learn about these below mentioned important factors :

  • Introduction to SINP
  • Things to consider before choosing SINP
  • SINP Application Categories Explained
  • How SINP works? 
  • SINP Processing Time
  • SINP processing Fee

Step 1 - Video Format

STEP 2: Find your RIGHT NOC Code

Second step is all about finding the correct NOC CODE. After finding your NOC CODE, you will able to proceed further. Its very important to understand how to find your correct NOC CODE and what NOC CODE requires a professional license for SINP?

In this step, you will get all these queries answered:

  • What is NOC CODE and different TEERs categories?
  • How to find the right NOC Code? (including tips and mistakes to avoid)
  • How to find if your NOC is in-demand or in the excluded list?
  • How to find which NOC codes were picked in the recent SINP (Saskatchewan PNP) draws?
  • How to find if your NOC Code requires a professional license?

Step 2 - Video Format

STEP 3: How to Calculate SINP Points?

This step is all about the SINP points calculation grid. I have tried my best to explain in the super easy way.

I have tried to answer all these below mentioned queries:

  • How to calcualte SINP Employment offer points? 
  • How to calculate points of Saskatchewan Express Entry category? 
  • How to calculate points of SINP Occupation in Demand? 

Step 3 – Video Format

STEP 4: SINP Express Entry Stream, Eligibility and Proof Of Funds

The Complete SINP Express entry stream guide. You will learn about :

  • SINP Express Entry eligibility criteria
  • Specific Documents Required  for SINP
  • SINP Eligibility Criteria
  • SINP Proof of Funds 
  • How to apply for SINP?

Step 4 – Video Format

STEP 5: How to create SINP EOI profile ?

Final step is, The detailed step by step guide on ‘How to Create and Submit SINP EOI Profile?’

I am going to explain the SINP EOI (Expression of Interest) profile creation process step by step.

Follow these 10 easy steps to create and apply for Saskatchewan EOI:

Step 5 – Video Format

Kindly consider this blog as a SINP PNP DIY guide, (Do It yourself). All the information i am posting here is only for informational and educational purpose only. 

Kindly verify all the details from the official website of Saskatchewan which i have mentioned in each blog and in the description of my videos, because any information can be updated anytime. So keep yourself updated with the latest SINP PNP latest news.

My other SINP PNP related articles guides that you will find helpful:

This was all about the SINP PNP Step-by-Step process DIY Guide. I hope you will find all my guides helpful. 

If you want to appreciate my efforts, kindly share it with all your friends who are Canadian PR aspirants. It will give me motivation to create more and more free content from everything.

Stay connected for more helpful blogs. See you in the next blog.

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5 thoughts on “Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program SINP PNP – A 2024 Step-by-Step Guide”

  1. 6th July 2022 – Got LAA
    3rd September 2022 – Documents submitted with fees.
    18th October 2022 – Status update – In Process.
    My file is in SINP process and now on “In Progress” status since 18th October.

    Above mentioned are my updated timeline.

    My question is why this much delay in document clearance or can you guide me on average time taking for document clearance.

  2. I received an email from SINP. About ineligible for nomination bcos settlement fund problem
    The invitation came very soon after EOI submitted and Before depositing online file I have been able to show the funds of only two months. I placed the fund after the invitation came. At present, there is a fund as per the requirement

    What are the next step? Pls help me

    Can I go for Second review process?

  3. hello thank you for this valuable guide.i created my express entry profile and I wanted to create SINP EOI profile but I am confused as I have received my ECA where is got professional degree for my LLB( INDIAN DEGREE) and I have done bcom and my current job is related to bcom so while creating EOI it says education must be related to your occupation which degree should I mention I will get more points as per LLB for which ECA evaluation I got professional degree but my occupation is related to bcom for which ECA evaluation I got is bachelor degree. please guide me

  4. Hello, this guide was very helpful and I created express entry profile. Further, I am confused now for creation EOI under SINP.
    I have a query i.e I have got ECA done and my Indian LLB got equivalency as profession degree and I have done bachelor of commerce so under EOI under level of education I should select professional degree?? but my work experience is according to bachelor of commerce as I am an accountant. I would be obliged if you could help . Thank you

  5. Hello,
    I received ITA from SK in June 2021 and applied but till now (March 2022) I have heard anything from them except confrimation of receipt of my application? What do you think could have caused this delay?
    I’ll sicerely appreciate any advice or infor

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