Saskatoon Vs Regina: Where Should I Move?

Saskatoon vs Regina

I am sure you are still confused about where to settle down in Saskatchewan, Saskatoon vs Regina which is a better place to live as a new immigrant.

I can understand your concerns, confusion and all the questions going in your mind before making the final decision. I sailed in the same boat when I moved to Saskatchewan at the end of 2019. I have gone through the whole ‘Saskatoon or Regina‘ situation already, So I can share this article from my personal experience. In the end, you will know which city I choose and why.

Of course, choices are always personal but there are some major things that I am going to discuss in this detailed article. So that you can get some clear insights I hope this could help you to finalize your final destination.

There are many factors involved such as Saskatoon vs Regina’s cost of living, job sector, crime rate, population, climate, lifestyle, comfort of living, weather, transportation etc.

In this new immigrant guide, I will discuss all the valid and important points that you should consider before choosing your future destination.

People living at both locations, Saskatoon or Regina are super friendly and welcoming to the new immigrants. I never felt like a newcomer here after interacting with so many wonderful people. Both places have their own vibes, unique experiences and ups/downsides.

Both the cities are in Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan is the world’s largest producer and exporter of potash. More than 95% of the potash produced here is used for fertilizer purposes.

I hope you will get the answer to this question Saskatoon or Regina: Which city is better for New immigrants?by the end of this article.

Let’s discuss individual locations with the support of these factors.

Saskatoon vs Regina: Major Differences and Facts

Saskatoon is located in the centre of Saskatchewan.

Whereas, Regina is located in the south-central area of Saskatchewan.

Distance from Saskatoon to Regina is around 260 Km, which takes about 3 hours to reach either destination.

Here you can see both the locations on Saskatchewan Map.

Saskatchewan Map
Saskatoon vs Regina | Saskatchewan Map | (c) Google

let’s check the major differences and some interesting facts about both cities.


  • Total Area: 228.1 km²
  • Saskatoon is the largest city in Saskatchewan
  • Saskatoon City is known as the Hub City because it’s the main hub of Saskatchewan
  • Saskatoon is also known as the Paris of the Prairies and is called ‘The City of Bridges’ as well.
  • Saskatoon has 8 bridges as of September 2022
  • Saskatoon has the 6th fastest population growth rate of 1.9%.
  • Saskatoon is also called YXE
  • Saskatoon now has the tallest building in Saskatchewan ‘Nutrien Tower’ which is approx. 88 metres tall, surpassing the ‘Mosaic Tower’ of Regina.
  • Saskatoon has Saskatchewan’s biggest University ‘The University of Saskatchewan’
  • The world’s biggest potash producer company ‘Nutrien’ is headquartered in Saskatoon.
  • Saskatoon to North Dakota US Border is about 751.9 KMs


  • Total Area: 180 km²
  • Regina is the Capital of Saskatchewan
  • Regina’s official bird is the Black-capped Chickadee!
  • Regina is the second-largest city in Saskatchewan
  • Regina borders two U.S.A states, North Dakota and Montana.
  • Regina was renamed [Latin for “queen”] after Queen Victoria in 1882.
  • ‘Wascana’ (Buffalo Bones) was the old name of Regina.
  • Regina city was known as Pile O’Bones for the heaps of bones left thereafter skinning and cutting buffalo.
  • Tower of Regina, which is 84.5 meters tall.
  • Regina has these major attractions, the Wascana Centre near Wascana Lake, the ‘Provincial Legislative Building‘, the University of Regina, First Nations University of Canada.
  • Regina to North Dakota US Border is about 419.5 KMs via SK-33 and US-53 route

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Saskatoon vs Regina Population 2023


Population in Saskatoon is estimated at 3,37,000+ (source: Statistics Canada)

Here you can see the population growth from 2010 to 2021.

The population grew by 1.81% from 2021.

Saskatoon Population in 2021
Saskatoon, Canada Metro Area Population 2010-2021 (Source) | Saskatoon Population in 2022.


The population in Regina is estimated at about 263,000+.

Figures may vary, As you can see population-wise as well, Saskatoon is the biggest city.

Saskatoon vs Regina Population Growth:

As per Statistics Canada, Population growth rate by census metropolitan area, 2019/2020, Canada.

You can see the stats below, Saskatoon is one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada.

Saskatoon vs Regina population growth 2021

Saskatoon has 1.9% population growth and ranks 6th all over Canada in the fastest growing by population cities list.

Regina has 0.9% population growth and ranks 24th in the fastest-growing population cities list.

Saskatoon vs Regina Weather

Saskatchewan is a prairie province. So, yes winters are really harsh here all over Saskatchewan. Even locals don’t like winters. Who likes winters eh? There are some exceptional cases like my husband lol he enjoys winters as much as he enjoys summers.

Temp. will go down to -50° somewhere between January/February. But, you will see +35° during Summer in July/August.  The weather in both cities is almost the same.

Don’t worry, It’s not like straight -50° all the time in winter, it’s not constant it will vary between 0 to -20° during winters mostly.

But for your better understanding, I have gathered detailed data for you. So that you can see the difference.

Let’s start from the fall. (September)

Weather during Fall

Temp during fall is mostly pleasant. You will see during the day mostly sunny in 20°s and can see a few days above 30° as well. Temp. will fall down to between 10-15° during some cloudy/windy days.

At night, it’s cold. temp. will vary from -5° to 10°. So yes you start seeing below 0° to 5° during nights in the fall.

Saskatoon temperature during fall
Saskatoon temperature during fall 2020 | Temp. Graph by AccuWeather

It will be pretty much similar in Regina as well. Not much difference.

Weather during Winter

Now, let us move ahead to winter.

Temp during December is mostly below 0°.  You will experience temp. between -5° to -15° during days. But yes, you will see some days between 0 to +4°. 

During nights, it’s normally between -10° to -25° in Saskatoon.

Saskatoon weather in December
Saskatoon weather in December 2020 | Temp. Graph by AccuWeather

In February, You may experience an extremely cold winter below -40° during nights and will experience between -15° to -30° during the day.

Saskatoon Weather in February 2021
Saskatoon Weather in February 2021

You can see similar weather in Regina as well, there is not much difference.

Weather in Regina during Winter - February
Weather in Regina during Winter – February 2021 | Graph by AccuWeather

Winters don’t have any impact on daily life. Nothing gets stopped here, everything works perfectly normally. Schools open on time (08:00 a.m.), offices open on time, and you can’t make any weather excuses if you are late for your work.  : ).

You will get used to it, thanks to the amazing internal heating system. After spending your first week here, you will feel normal.

And yes, you will experience a few winter snowstorms as well.

I am remembering last year’s (Nov. 2020) biggest snowstorm since January 2007. It was our second winter and we experienced a blizzard winter storm. 35 cm (2ft-5ft) of snow all over the streets, everywhere. The commute was affected for like 2 days. As per the news, it happened after like 13 years which is really rare.

Kudos to the city of Saskatoon snow removal team, they worked really hard and removed the snow from all the main roads within a couple of days after working day and night, and removed it from all over the city in just weeks.

Saskatoon Snow Storm 2020
Parking lot after the Snow Storm in Saskatoon Nov. 2020
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Weather during Summer

Moving to Summers, summers are hot here. People are patiently waiting for summers here, and when they are here, it is like a ‘Hooray‘ for everyone.

Starting from June, you will start enjoying the warm days, and temp. is usually around 20°-30°.

During July/August, you will experience the really hot summers here. The temperature will be between 30° to 37°.

And yes, you will have to turn on your Air conditioners as well here during very hot days.

Check this Saskatoon vs Regina summer temperature graph.

Saskatoon vs Regina weather in Summer
Saskatoon vs Regina weather in Summer | in August 2020

Saskatoon vs Regina Jobs Market

This is the most important part above all. Everything we are dreaming of here in Canada depends on our Jobs.

I can understand all your concerns about the job sector in Saskatoon or the Job market in Regina. What kind of jobs are available in Saskatoon vs Regina or what are the opportunities in Regina as compared to Saskatoon? Especially nowadays, After the COVID-19 impact, how are things?

As I have mentioned above Saskatchewan is rich in mining, and major in potash as it’s the world’s largest exporter of potash. Besides that, Agriculture, health sector, teaching, IT sector, hospitality, restaurants, and trucking-related all these sector jobs are available here.

I know you are curious to know what are the availability in each city and how soon you can get a job here, how about the particular sector jobs. Some of you might be from I.T., some from the health sector, and you would like to know about the ground reality here. As most of you know, I Sailed in the same boat so I have already gone through this dilemma. I am from an I.T. background and I am working in an I.T. company here.

To provide you with clear insights let me show you real data about the job sector of each city.

In Saskatchewan, most jobs are posted on, its the biggest job search platform. You can explore other platforms like Indeed, LinkedIn, and govt. job bank, I would like to mention a tip here, check all the big companies’ websites ‘careers’ pages to find the openings. For example Walmart, Loblaws, Vendasta and many more. I will show you the real stats examples below.

Let me show you SaskJob’s stats:

Saskatchewan job market
Saskatchewan job market | Saskjobs stats April 2021

Here you can see 7,537 jobs posted in Saskatchewan (As of April 06, 2021). That’s a huge number. You can also check the ‘view jobs by occupation‘ section number of jobs posted under these categories.

The maximum number of jobs were posted in Saskatoon and Regina.

Saskatoon has 1591 jobs posted

Regina has 1577 jobs posted today.

Which is almost the same number of openings.

Let’s talk about Saskatoon first,

Saskatoon Job Market

To provide you with real factual data, let us go through the current job openings here in Saskatoon on April 06, 2021.

Within a few minutes, Saskatoon got more jobs posted on Saskjobs, At the same time while I am writing this article Saskatoon got 1632 jobs posted as of now.

Saskatoon Job Market 2021
Saskatoon Jobs Market | stats on April 06, 2021

You will see the Jobs listing by Position, Employer, Location, Date posted and Number of Jobs.

To find your particular occupation in your own field. You can filter by occupation from the right side.

As you can see,

  • Art, Culture, Recreation Sports has 20 openings
  • Business, Finance, and Admin has 217 openings
  • Health – 160
  • Management – 89
  • Engineers, Architects, IT, Natural Sciences – 59
  • Oil, Gas, Mining, Farming – 32
  • Processing, Manufacturing and Utilities – 68
  • Sales and Service – 440
  • Social Science, Education, and Government Jobs – 156
  • Trades, Transport, Construction – 391

You can see, that Saskatoon’s job market is pretty much stable there are plenty of opportunities.

Now let’s check the stats of jobs in Saskatoon on on April 06, 2021:

Saskatoon Jobs Stats on Jobbank

As of today April 06, 2021, Walmart has 81 jobs opening here in Saskatoon.

You can check other big companies that opened positions like this by going to their ‘careers’ section.

It could be a bit difficult the find a job in your own profession right after landing, but you will find one sooner or later. That’s how you can start hunting for a job in Saskatoon.

If you want to explore the Jobs market in Saskatoon, Here are some of the major Jobs websites links :

Regina Job Market

Let us do the fact check of a similar job in Regina as well. To provide you with real factual data, let us check the current job openings in Regina on April 06, 2021.

Regina Jobs Market 2021
Regina Jobs Market Stats |

You can see within a few minutes, similarly, like Saskatoon, Regina got more jobs posted on Saskjobs, and now available jobs have increased to 1592.

You can ‘Filter by occupation’ and then click on update, you will see the number of positions opened in your field of occupation.

If you check on,-SK

Jobs in Regina on Indeed
Jobs in Regina on Indeed

There are 1500+ current openings in Regina, SK on Indeed as well.

So this is how you can analyze the job market in Saskatoon or Regina and check your particular field where it is not in demand, then start exploring the opportunities.

Another fact about Regina is, that Regina has a maximum number of Govt. jobs as compared to Saskatoon. The reason is Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan and it has all the major government offices over there.

If you want to explore the Jobs market in Regina, Check these major Jobs website links :

Cost of living in Saskatoon vs Regina 2023

The cost of living in Saskatchewan is fairly low compared to any other big city in Canada.

If we talk about the living cost of Saskatoon vs Regina, it is quite similar. You will not find much difference between both cities.

I along with my family live in Saskatoon. I have already experienced living here for more than 1 year now, so I can share my experience of how much we spend monthly as new immigrants in Saskatoon.

Saskatchewan has the lowest minimum hourly wage rate as of October 2023 even though its increased by $1 since last year, from $13 per hour to now which is CAD$14 per hour.

Saskatchewan minimum hourly wage 2023

Now, for your knowledge let me calculate the income based on minimum hourly wages which is $14/hr.

If you are a couple, and each of you gets minimum hourly wage only, you would earn 40 hours x $13/hr= $560 per week, which would be $458 x 4 = $2240 per month (each).

That would be $2080 x 2 = $4480 easily minimum to minimum.

But that won’t be the case, you will easily get a survival job at more than a minimum wage.  Which could vary anywhere between $14/hr – $18/hr as a complete beginner without any Canadian experience.

So, once you gain some experience or get a job in your specific field, you will definitely be going to earn better starting anywhere from $16/hr to $25/hr or more.

In addition to that, if you are having a child, you can add child care benefit (CCB) as well, which may vary anywhere between $400-$600 per month (could be more or less), per child. (depends on your family income, number of kids, and age of your child).

Cost of Living in Saskatoon as a New Immigrant

Let me share some real numbers of our living expenses in Saskatoon (We are a family of 3):

Apartment Rent: $925 CAD/per month (2 rooms) including heating and water. In some places, heating is not included eg. in basements.

So it varies according to your need, if you are a couple, you can get a one-bedroom apartment somewhere between $700 CAD-$850 CAD near downtown or surrounding areas. OR you can get a luxury 2-bedroom apartment anywhere between $1200 CAD-$1800 CAD.

This would depend on your living style as this is a new immigrants guide, so I have considered a decent basic apartment where we are living.

Utilities: $60-$70 CAD (varies according to power usage)

Mobile: $80 CAD (3GB+3GB, unlimited calling + unlimited texts within Canada) for our 2 lines. We are not using any phone plan, we had our own devices. (You may find more cheapest plans as well if you don’t require mobile data.)

Internet/TV: $60 (Using SHAW 150 Mbps, Unlimited). We didn’t take any TV plan, because we already brought Amazon FireStick (check price)  with us while moving to Canada. It’s an amazing device, you don’t even need to buy a smart TV here in your initial days.

(There are some other companies as well, eg. Sasktel, and Bell, you can compare the prices among all.)

Grocery: Spending anywhere between $150-$200 CAD per week. It depends on the family members and your routine. On average between $600-$800 CAD.

(We are doing our groceries majorly from Walmart, Costco and Desi Indian stores.)

Shopping: It depends on mood lol or depends on your need. You can consider it as per your choice. If you have a kid, you will have to shop around eg. for toys, summer clothes, arts and crafts items or some other personal belongings. Let’s consider $100 extra. for shopping.

Outing/Food: Due to COVID-19, we don’t do many outings nowadays, going out once or twice a month which costs us anywhere from $50-$150 CAD.

Car insurance + Plate/Registration: Around $130 CAD per month (owned one sedan car).

(Paid $1,446 in 2020 for 1 year of Car insurance + Car registration.), currently paying around $125 per month.

Gas: $50-$70 CAD per month max (Due to working from home)

Our total average monthly expenses in Saskatoon as a new immigrant for a family of 3 is around $2,070 CAD.

If you have a kid below 5 years old (not going to school) and if you both are working, you can add ‘Child’s daycare expenses’ as well.

Our current monthly expenses are around $2,500 CAD.

Now you will get a clear idea about the cost of living in Saskatoon or Regina and you can add or subtract according to your budget and need.

Saskatoon Vs Regina Real Estate – Housing Market

Saskatoon or Regina, both cities are pretty much affordable as compared to big cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Surrey, and Brampton.

Which average house you will get for about 1 million in big cities, you will get the exact same house for HALF a price, yes you read it right literally half a price as compared to big cities.

Saskatoon Real Estate – Housing Market

According to this Re/Max’s Saskatoon Real Estate market Outlook 2021 report,

2021-Saskatoon Housing Market
2021 Saskatoon Housing Market | by Remax

“The average sales price in Saskatoon increased by 5% to $346,239 in 2020 (Jan. 1 – Oct. 31), compared to $331,359 in 2019 (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31).

The RE/MAX Outlook for Saskatoon real estate in 2021 is an increase of 5% in average price to approximately $363,550.95.”

(For full details and analysis, click on the link above)

In Saskatoon, the condominium market was popular in 2020, most likely going to be popular in 2021 as well and the average condominium price in Saskatoon was somewhere between $2,45,000 – $2,50,000.

You can find a decent 3-4 bedroom house between $4,00,000 – $6,00,000. It obviously will be depending on the area, location, size of the house, materials and other factors.

If we talk about the top-selling neighbourhoods in Saskatoon (2020-2021) They are Brighton, Stonebridge, Rosewood, Kensington, Aspine Ridge and Evergreen.

If you take a look at the Data Table of the 2021 Housing market outlook by Remax. Saskatoon is in 11th place and Regina is just behind Saskatoon in 12th place.

Saskatoon vs Regina data table in Canada Housing Market 2021

Regina Real Estate – Housing Market

According to this Re/Max’s Regina Real Estate market Outlook 2021 report,

2021 Regina Housing Market
2021 Regina Housing Market | by Remax

“The average sale price in Regina increased by 2% to $307,900 in 2020 (Jan. 1 – Oct. 31), compared to $301,400 in 2019 (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31).

The RE/MAX Outlook for Regina real estate in 2021 is a decrease of 1.5% in the average sale price to approximately $303,281.50.”

(For full details and analysis, click on the link above)

In Regina also, the condominium market was popular in 2020 and most likely will be popular in 2021 as well, and the average condominium price in Regina was somewhere between $2,20,000 – $2,25,000. Which is still a bit affordable as compared to Saskatoon, but there isn’t much difference as you can see.

Things to do in Saskatoon vs Regina

There are tons of amazing things to do in Saskatoon and Regina. That would take a while for you to understand. It depends on the purpose of your travel. Whether you are visiting these beautiful cities for travel, study, work purposes, or moving here permanently, it would be good to know the various ways you can spend time in both cities.

In this detailed guide, I have divided the ‘things to do in Saskatoon vs Regina’ into major attractions, shopping centres, restaurants, and nightlife for you to have a better understanding of the two cities in terms of popularity.

Let’s begin reading.


There are thousands of beautiful and interesting attractions in Saskatoon and Regina. But I am going to give you brief information about some of the major attractions in Saskatoon and Regina that you will find really interesting to visit on weekends.

Again these are not all the attractions listed, I am listing the 15 major attractions and things to do in Saskatoon vs Regina’s best 20 major attraction spots.

Let’s first check;

Attractions in Saskatoon:

  • University of Saskatchewan :

Founded on March 19, 1907.

One of Canada’s oldest and top-rated universities is located in the vibrant city of Saskatoon.

The University of Saskatchewan (USask) is a Canadian public research university located on the east side of the South Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Top and biggest University of Saskatchewan.

  • Remai Modern Museum : 

Established in 2009.

Located on the South Saskatchewan River.

at 102 Spadina Crescent East Saskatoon SK.

Remai Modern is situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of Métis.

  • Wanuskewin Heritage Park
  • Ukrainian Museum of Canada
  • Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo
  • Meewasin Valley Trail
  • Prairie Lily Riverboat Cruise
  • Nutrien Playland at Kinsmen Park
  • Pike Lake Provincial Park
  • Berry Barn
  • Karttrak Go-Karts
  • Saskatchewan Railway Museum
  • Optimist Hill
  • Nutrien Tower – Saskatchewan’s tallest building.
  • Blackstrap Provincial Park
  • Delta Hotel: Bessborough
  • Antelope Lake Regional Park

Find out many more amazing attractions and find out things to do in Saskatoon on Tourism Saskatoon.

Attractions in Regina:

  • Legislative Building

Regina Attractions - Legislative Building

  • Royal Saskatchewan Museum
  • RCMP Heritage Centre
  • Saskatchewan Science Centre
  • Regina Public Library
  • Wascana View Park
  • Government House
  • Kiwanis Waterfall Park
  • Mosaic Stadium
  • Regina Climbing Centre
  • MacKenzie Art Gallery
  • EVRAZ Family Park and Pool
  • Outlaw Trail Spirits craft distillery
  • Stone Hall Castle
  • Regina Farmers’ Market

Find out about many more amazing attractions in Regina and the best things to do in Regina on Tourism Regina.


Both places have their own best places to shop and both cities have a good enough number of shopping malls and complexes to satisfy shoppers like us. Let’s take a look at Saskatoon vs Regina’s major shopping malls and complexes.

Shopping Malls in Saskatoon:

These are the 5 major malls in Saskatoon;

Shopping Centers in Saskatoon:

Here are some of the well-known shopping centres/places in Saskatoon from where you can buy groceries, clothes, sportswear, shoes, furniture, utensils, tools, and everything that you need for your daily life and home.

  • Saskatoon Farmers Market
  • Preston Crossings
  • Real Canadian SuperStores
  • Canadian Tire
  • Walmart Shopping Centers
  • Costco
  • Co-Op
  • Extra Foods
  • No Frills
  • Fresco
  • Hudson Bay
  • Sport Chek
  • Best Buy
  • Ashley
  • The Brick
  • The Home Depot
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • London Drugs
  • Winners
  • The Source
  • H&M
  • Staples and many more other shopping centres.

You can also check out these amazing Saskatoon Local Shops.

Shopping Malls in Regina:

  • Northgate Mall
  • Victoria Square Shopping Centre
  • Normanview Crossing
  • Southland Mall
  • Rochdale Crossing Shopping Centre

Shopping Centers in Regina:

Like Saskatoon, Here are some of the well-known similar shopping centres/places of Regina from where you can buy groceries, clothes, sportswear, shoes, furniture, utensils, tools, and everything that you need for your daily life and home.

  • Regina Farmers Market
  • Real Canadian SuperStores
  • Canadian Tire
  • Walmart Shopping Centers
  • Costco
  • Co-Op
  • Extra Foods
  • No Frills
  • Fresco
  • Sport Chek
  • Best Buy
  • Ashley
  • The Brick
  • The Home Depot
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • London Drugs
  • Winners
  • The Source
  • H & M


Food is great at both places, each city has its own charm, ambience, and taste. There are numerous restaurants with great taste in both cities.

It’s quite hard to mention every restaurant here on the list. But I will try to mention some popular names here, I am sorry if I am going to miss any.

If you are from any of these places, please correct me or mention any of your favourite food places if I am missing them here.

Popular Restaurants in Saskatoon:

Located at 8th Street

  • The Cave Restaurant
  • Montana’s BBQ & Bar
  • Prairie Ink Restaurant
  • Red Lobster
  • MR MIKES Steak house Casual
  • Five Guys Burgers and Fries
  • Thein Vietnam 2
  • The Spicy Times

and the list goes on.

Located on Broadway

  • The Hose and Hydrant Brew Pub
  • Prairie Sun Brewery
  • UNA pizza + wine
  • Cafe Japa Bowl
  • Kahsmere Indian Restaurant
  • LAAVA Indian Restaurant
  • Sushi Haru
  • Black Cat Tavern
  • Leopold’s Tavern Saskatoon – Broadway
  • Las Palapas Resort Grill

and the list goes on.

Located in Downtown

  • Bus Stop Refreshments
  • Sticks and Stones
  • Congress Beer House
  • Ayden Kitchen and Bar
  • Living Sky Café
  • Aroma Resto Bar
  • Red Pepper Restaurant
  • Black Pepper Restaurant
  • Afghan Kabob & Donair
  • Thein Vietnam 1
  • State & Main Kitchen & Bar Menu
  • Earls kitchen + bar
  • Hudsons Saskatoon
  • Winston’s English Pub & Grill
  • Taverna Italian Kitchen + Bar

and the list goes on.

You can check all the other restaurants in Saskatoon here.

If you are curious to know about Nightlife in Saskatoon check here: Pubs and Bars in Saskatoon

Popular Restaurants in Regina:

Located at Victoria Avenue:

Golf’s Steak House: located at 1945 Victoria Ave. Regina. One of Regina’s most beloved steakhouses since 1972.

Sprout Cafe: located at 2625 Victoria Ave Regina where you can enjoy a variety of breakfast and lunch items, coffee, smoothies and so much more!

Crave Kitchen & Wine Bar: located at 1925 Victoria Ave. Regina.

The Atrium Family Restaurant: 1818 Victoria Ave. Regina. Serves breakfast, lunch and dinner – a delectable all-day restaurant.

Memories Fine Dining: at 1717 Victoria Ave. Regina. Offering Greek, French, and Mediterranean cuisine.

Fresh Carnival: located at 2500 Victoria Ave Regina. Which is popular for milkshakes, homemade donuts, loaded hotdogs and poutines. Enjoy a full menu inspired by carnival food.

Italian Star Deli: at 1611 Victoria Ave Regina. Proudly providing Regina and the area with quality specialty products since 1966.

Coliseum Family Restaurant: located at 2223 Victoria Ave. E Regina. where you can enjoy excellent food for any part of your day. Enjoy a massive range of sandwiches, burgers, pasta, steaks and much more.

Da India Curry House: at 806 Victoria Ave Regina. Providing a variety of traditional Indian dishes, plus a dinner buffet.

Pho Milu : at 639 Victoria Ave Regina. One of the best dine-in Vietnamese restaurants in Regina.

Spices of Punjab:  320 Victoria Ave E Regina.A Casual Indian restaurant.

and the list goes on.

Located at Albert Street:

Viet-Thai Restaurant is located at 2080 Albert St Regina. (Vietnamese, Chinese & Thai.)

Hachi Sushi is located at 2135 Albert St Regina. (Japanese cuisine.)

Bodega Tapas Bar: located at 2228 Albert St Regina.

Classic Buffet Company: located at 100 Albert St. Regina. All-day Canadian buffet.

Magpie’s Kitchen: located at 4059 Albert St. Regina. Come in and share the simple comforts in life, good friends and family, exceptional coffee, fine tea, and fresh and tasty fare.

Luiggi’s Pasta House: located at 470 Albert St. N Regina. (Italian-inspired menu)

Greko’s Restaurant & Steak House is located at 4410 Albert St Regina. A family-owned and operated establishment, proudly serving the Regina area since 1979.

The Cottage is located at 4409 Albert St Regina. A family-run steakhouse in Regina.

and there is a never-ending list, you can find the full list of Restaurants in Regina here.

If you are curious to know about Regina’s Nightlife: you can check Pubs and Bars in Regina.

Crime Rate Saskatoon vs Regina (April 2023)

I have been living in Saskatoon for a while now and visited Regina as well.

We have never faced any issues roaming around the city at any time though. But yes, while comparing both the cities this is also an important factor to compare both cities’ crime rates to know as a newcomer.

I have gathered this information from the website so you can have a look at their stats.

Crime Rate in Saskatoon 2023

Here is the screenshot of the stats provided by Numbeo, They have shown the Crime Index and Safety Index.

All these stats are based on contributors from Saskatoon, Numbeo updated the data in April 2023 and a total of 101 contributors have added the data so far.

Crime Rate in Saskatoon 2023
Crime Rate in Saskatoon 2023 |via Numbeo

Crime Rate in Regina 2023

Similarly for Regina, All these stats are based on contributors from Regina who actually live in Regina, Numbeo updated the data in February 2023 and a total of 101 contributors have added the data.

Crime Rate in Regina 2023
Crime Rate in Regina 2023 | Numbeo

Before we move towards the ending, enjoy this amazing video ‘This is Saskatoon (Film by Anthony Hadlen Hanson)’

and you can watch ‘Regina Tour by Mike Canadian Explorer’

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That was all about Saskatoon vs Regina guide for new immigrants. I tried my best to cover every aspect considering myself at your place. I know it would be a challenge to choose between Regina vs Saskatoon. Both the cities are amazing, rich in culture, and great places to raise your family. Thus, it is your very own personal preference and decision to study or move to the respective city.

I chose Saskatoon between both, had my own personal preference, I have visited Regina as well. Both cities have their own charm.

So yes, If you have a friend or any close relative living in any of these cities, then your decision depends on that. But for a complete newcomer like me, who has no connection in Saskatchewan, this is the guide for you to choose.

You can explore other cities of Saskatchewan as well, check our guide on the Best Cities to Live in Saskatchewan.

Do your best research comparison and then choose Saskatoon or Regina based on your own homework. They are not far from each other, you can change your location anytime though.

My only motive was to provide you with detailed information so that everything gets cleared, you can believe in yourself and accept that whatever decision you have taken based on these factors will be worth it. If you liked the post, kindly share it with others who want to know about Saskatchewan and these beautiful cities. Comment down below if you liked it. As It will give me the motivation to write more.

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8 thoughts on “Saskatoon Vs Regina: Where Should I Move?”

  1. Good read. The only thing I would update are the distances to the US border. It’s actually a lot closer (163km on highway 6 from Regina to US border).

  2. Paramjeet Singh

    I have just received my SINP nominated PR and came across this article comparing Saskatoon and Regina.

    i would like to thank you for writing such a detailed article and covering amost every aspect that affects one’s decison.

    God bless you!

  3. I like your website and its prairie focus.
    I am a Vancouver-born retired Canadian who loves that city but can’t afford to live there anymore. I am currently living in a smaller Saskatchewan town and thinking of moving to a larger city. Therefore I came to this website looking for Regina / Saskatoon comparisons.
    Over my working years, I moved several times between the Vancouver area and both Edmonton and Regina. As much as I love my home town, my job prospects were always much better in prairie cities. When there are ten job openings in Saskatchewan the employer might receive eight qualified applicants. That gives the new employee a lot of room for advancement and negotiation. In BC there might be thirty applicants for a similar ten openings which puts a prospective employee at a distinct disadvantage.
    I wanted to reassure new immigrants that prairie winters are not as bad as they might seem. There is A LOT of winter sunshine, far more than you will find in either Toronto or Vancouver. There are a couple weeks each winter when you really don’t want to go outside unless it is absolutely necessary. But there are many more sunny afternoons when the wind stops and one can enjoy a long walk in the snow. In any case there are plenty of indoor recreation centres, swimming pools and even mall-walking. Warm clothing is not hard to find (Walmart, Mark’s) and a selection of scarves, gloves and warm socks keeps the extremities all toastie.
    The summers days are long and people take advantage when they can.
    I found in the Vancouver area that I was spending so much on basic accommodation in a distant suburb that I could rarely afford do the big city things that I enjoy doing. On the prairies I have money left over to eat in restaurants, travel and even visit my Vancouver relatives every summer.

    1. Thank you so much Gregory for adding your valuable insights and spending your time to leaving the detailed comment. Readers gonna love the detailed real life experience that you have posted here. I am totally agree with you, prairies are just awesome, much cheaper as compare to the big cities, people here are so welcoming and friendly!

    2. Dear Georgy
      I greet you from the land of four seasons, Iran. Your perspective on Saskatchewan, as a Canadian, also helps me reduce my hesitation to immigrate to Saskatchewan. Thank you very much.

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