How To Get CIPS Certificate For Canada? Step-by-Step Guide

CIPS Certificate Canada

What is CIPS Certificate?

CIPS (full-form) stands for ‘Canadian Information Processing Society’ which acts as a regulatory body in Canada to provide professional licenses. If you want to become a certified IT professional or want to work related to the IT field in Canada, CIPS Certification is required. For IT professionals, CIPS provides three types of certifications :

  • AITP – Associate Information Technology Professional
  • I.S.P. – Information Systems Professional
  • ITCP – Information Technology Certified Professional

Why do you need a CIPS Certificate for Canada?

Canada is a country of opportunities and dreams. The Canadian government made our way easy to apply for immigration via the express entry program. Applying through the Express Entry program is pretty fast and results can be seen after 6 months if everything goes well.

However, current trends of express entry draw selecting candidates with more than 460 CRS points to make us worried about whether CRS points will come down or not. In addition to this, 67 points-based criteria are also a matter of tension for some groups of people. The solution for both problems is applying to Canada via any Province Nominee Program (PNP) program as I did.

As my CRS points were less than 400 hence PNP was the only option for me and I applied for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). In Saskatchewan, some occupations required licenses to work in it. Without the mentioned license, you will not be eligible to apply under SINP.

Hence, if you are applying for SINP, make sure you see the list of occupation which needs a CIPS  certification for SINP to work in Saskatchewan. You people must be thinking that we will apply for a license after reaching Saskatchewan when you get permanent residency.

Note: Let me correct you here! The Saskatchewan government will hold your file until you provide them a corresponding license.

They will give you one year from the date of correspondence to provide a certificate otherwise they will dismiss your case after one year if not provided. Find here if your occupation is in demand need a license to work in Saskatchewan, Check here: Saskatchewan Regulatory Bodies

As I am from an IT background. My occupation also needed a license so I applied for Certified Membership as an Information Systems Professional (I.S.P) via Canada’s Association of I.T Professionals (CIPS). When I searched on the internet for “How to apply for CIPS Certificate” and found nothing specific which describes a step-by-step process to apply for a CIPS certificate. I searched more and more, collect some points from one location, second from another place and many more from different sources. Thought to write a complete guide on this topic and here is the implementation of that thought.

How to Apply for CIPS Certificate?

Here, I will help the people who are struggling with “how to get an I.S.P certificate from CIPS for Saskatchewan”.

Let’s start with the steps :

Click on the link which leads to the official website of CIPS

Scroll down the page and click on the “CIPS Ethics Exam” link written in red colour.

The CIPS Code of Ethics is a comprehensive guide to professional conduct. The Code is designed to help IT practitioners maintain the highest level of ethical conduct, standards of practice and integrity with respect to their professional activities.

Every candidate requires to give this exam before proceeding. There is an online test with a few multiple-choice questions which you need to clear. Before jumping to the online test you need to make an account. When you click on the above link “CIPS Ethics Exam” the welcome page will open like this :

Scroll down the page and after reading the instructions make an account by clicking on the “Create new account” link.

Fill details in the following form and click on “Create my new account“.

An email will be sent to your mentioned email ID for confirmation. you need to click on that link to continue.

Logged in to your account with the credentials which you have just created. You must be seeing a welcome page of the CIPS ethics exam with your name displayed at the top right corner of the page which means you are now logged in to your account.

Scroll down the page. On the left-hand side, there is a link to the “CIPS Ethics Exam” under “Available courses”. Click on it. Slightly scroll down the page and click on the “Enroll me” button. The next page will appear as follows:

Important Note: Please read the instruction before taking an exam. After reading it you can also take a practice test if you want to know what type of questions will be given in the ethics exam. Passing marks are 75% to get generated an ethics exam certificate.

There will be a total of 12 questions with 4 different cases each containing 3 questions. You need to answer 9 questions right to get the certificate and you will have only one attempt and 30 minutes to complete the test.

Click on the “Ethics in compute-ring and IT Exam-Version A” link and then click on the “Attempt quiz now” button on the next page.

Answer the question carefully because you have only one attempt at it.

After you have answered all questions, the system will generate your number of marks in percentage and you can also view which questions were wrong and right.

If your passing percentage is 75% then the website will generate your certificate of completion automatically otherwise it will not. Your certificate will look like as below and this is my real certificate which is generated while completing of ethics exam.

Now, What to do next? Have you applied for your education evaluation course by course? I had my ECA report from world education services (WES) but it was documented by document evaluation not course-by-course so I applied for the course-by-course report from WES.

|Read Here: How To Get WES ECA For Canada? Step-by-Step Guide

If you already have a document-by-document evaluation in the last 5 years then you can just simply upgrade your report to the course by course by paying a fee to WES. There is no need to send all the documents again. All you have to do is, just login into your WES account, click on the upgrade report, pay the required fees and mention the address where you want to ship it.

Here you have to give two addresses, one is of yours and another is of CIPS. Take the address from the CIPS website and mention it under the WES account properly. For your reference, the CIPS National office address is as below. Please reconfirm from their website before mentioning it anywhere.

However, you do not need to wait for the hard copy of the WES report particularly for the CIPS certificate because you can just mention the reference number generated under your WES account to CIPS in your Email when you will be submitting every detail.

WES evaluation report may take a maximum of one month. When you receive a hard copy of the report just scan it and save it for lateral use. Remember you will receive an evaluation report on the WES account before you receive a hard copy at your home but that online copy is not for official use. This is only for your reference.

Wherever you need to submit a course-by-course evaluation, deposit a scanned one which you have done from a hard copy, not from an online one.

The next step is to choose your route. Choosing a route is a very much important step. Please read the instruction carefully before proceeding. For choosing a route, please follow this link: CIPS Certification and Candidate Applications and Requirements (AITP, I.S.P., ITCP)

You can directly download the application form corresponding to the particular route which you are following. For example, I followed route one which is Education plus Experience route.

Click on the yellow link displayed to download the application form.

MUST watch my detailed video guide on CIPS Certification :

CIPS Certification Cost | How to Make the Payment?

When you open the downloaded form, you must be seeing the payment option there. Yes, you have to make payment first before submitting your application to No matter whether your application will be approved or not but you have to pay this review fee which is non-refundable. For payment follow this link:

CIPS Certification Application Fees
CIPS Certification Application Fees – 2022

Make the payment according to your certificate. I choose the second option because I need that certificate for Saskatchewan and paid $250 review fees plus $225 which is a yearly membership fee from CIPS. For anyone who is applying CIPS certificate, it is necessary to pay the membership fee first, only then you can apply for a certificate of CIPS for a particular province.

After paying the fee, you can open the application form in Microsoft word and start filling in word only and take a print afterwards typing all the information. Please be very careful while entering information, especially in regard to work history. You need to mention a very detailed description of your company, job duties, responsibilities, percentage of work level and BOK code.

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The Final Step

Here comes the final step, after having an ethics certificate of completion, WES (or any other education evaluation report) course by course evaluation report and application form printed with your details in hand, scan all these documents except WES (because they will get it via WES) plus your work experience letters including your offer letter(s), relieving letter(s) if any, experience certificate(s) and Email these all documents to with the explanation of your case like your name, education and work experience.

In addition to this if you have not received your WES evaluation report yet then mention your reference number in your Email. Write in the email that you have attached every document needed by you if they still need anything from your side then let you know.

After sending an email you will receive an email back after some hours that we have received your application and it will take about 6 months for processing but to be honest my application took about 8 months. You should definitely have patience while applying CIPS certificate. You can check the status of your application or get your tracking number by visiting this link:

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Once you have achieved the ISP certificate, it will be valid for 3 years and you need to re-certify yourself after 3 years.

So, your final CIPS certificate will look like this :

For your reference: My CIPS certificate

I hope I have cleared every aspect of “How to get a CIPS Certificate?” in this complete guide post. However, if you still need help on this topic, please comment below. I will try my best as per my knowledge to help you out.

Note: I am not a professional blogger. Please excuse small typos or mistakes. I tried my best to cover up all the possible information.

Please if you find it helpful, kindly share it with your friends who are looking for detailed information. I wish everyone who is reading this post to achieve your “Mapple Dreams-Canadian Dreams“ soon :). Subscribe to my blog for the latest posts on various other topics related to before and after landing in Canada.

All the Best!

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48 thoughts on “How To Get CIPS Certificate For Canada? Step-by-Step Guide”

  1. Thank u for posting a detailed blog.
    Is it necessary to have both CIPS and APEGS certificate to apply for SINP under NOC 21231 software Engineer -B.Tech IT of 10 yrs exp

  2. hi,
    I have a different question. does having CIPS certification adds extra point to express entry profile(under certification of qualification for trade)?

    and do we need to get the certificate before applying to sinp?

    thanks in advance

  3. I have received an email for the renewal of my CIPS membership. I am ISP certified member and I have applied for my SINP application.

    Now I have received my SINP nomination and applied for PR application at CIC. currently, I am waiting for my AOR.

    My question is do I need to compulsory renew my CIPS membership for further process at CIC?
    I understand that ISP certification is valid for three years but do I need to renew my CIPS membership every year?

  4. I have B.Tech degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering and wrork experience in IT field of 6.1 years. Am I eligible for applying for CIPS ?
    Please Suggest.

  5. Great explanation. You are doing wonderful job. Few queries if you can answer-

    1. Post ITA, can you submit SINP application without CIPS and then Saskatchewan govt. will give another 1 year to get CIPS submitted?
    2. What if circumstances, changes by when you get CIPS certificate, like Age change resulting lower point. Do they calculate points again?
    3. For 2173 with MCA – Is CIPS is authority or APEGS.

    Thank you.

  6. Great explanation. You are doing wonderful job. Few queries if you can answer-

    1. Post ITA, can you submit SINP application without CIPS and then Saskatchewan govt. will give another 1 year to get CIPS submitted?
    2. What if circumstances, changes by when you get CIPS certificate, like Age change resulting lower point. Do they calculate points again?
    3. For 2173 with MCA – Is CIPS is authority or APEGS.

    Thanks you.

  7. Hi Sona,

    Hope you are doing well!

    Thanks for such a detailed information and would like to Appreciate your time and effort for the same. I found quite a lot of information pertaining to IT profession and the certification through the article as well as reading the answers to comments. However, wanted to know if Business Analysts are also eligible for CIPS specially if they have worked in a ITES industry?

    Best Regards,

  8. Any study material or PDF for CIPS for IT person ? heard Qs are coming directly from some PDF & can be answered easily but can’t be able to find such PDF. If you have more details plz share to pass this exam or guide.

  9. IF CIPS is jsut required for SINP Program?
    Do we require CIPs certification to apply under Alberta Express entry program as well for NOC 2171/
    kindly confirm..appreciate your help on this

  10. Your means of explaining the whole thing in this article
    is truly fastidious, every one be capable of easily understand it, Thanks a lot.

  11. I wanted to thank you for this very good read!!
    I certainly loved every bit of it. I’ve got you book-marked to check out new
    stuff you post…

  12. Hi Sona,
    Firstly, I would like to thank you for your wonderful blog. It’s a great effort to consolidate, update, and express your learning in a way a common layman can understand.

    Previously in the year 2018, I had got an invite and I had applied under NOC 2173( due to lack of knowledge and guidance), but since they asked for a license and I had no idea about the procedure, I did not submit the license, rather I did not even initiate the process, and eventually lost an opportunity as after a year the application expired.

    I have got an invitation again from Saskatchewan province and have time till 15th November 2020. Now that I have enough information about the licensure procedure (thanks to your awesome and comprehensive blog), and doing some more research I realized (today) that my NOC code is 2283 (Software Testing) and not 2173(Software Developer). And as per their licensure document, NOC code 2283 does not require a license!

    To be specific I got 3 questions.

    1. I am in a big dilemma that this time if I apply under NOC 2283 (NOT INCLUDED in Excluded Occupation List) will that be an issue?
    2. When I applied for SINP in March I had created a CIC profile as well with the NOC code 2173. Now that I have already got an invite ( I assume SINP invite has some link with my CIC profile number), can I change the code in the CIC profile now? And also in CIC, I had chosen to immigrate alone but now I wish to immigrate with family. Can I as well change this in my current CIC profile?
    3. Since these are few specific technical questions can you refer me to any genuine consultant who can sail me through this situation as I don’t want to repeat the blunder and lose on this opportunity.


  13. Hi Sona

    I appreciate your effort to provide us with these beneficial information, it is really helpful, though, I have some questions regarding the subject.

    1- is “CIPS Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct” pdf, which is located under Instructions part of ethic exam, is the only source we need to study in order to pass the exam?
    2- After passing “CIPS Ethics in Computing and IT Exam – Version A”, are there any other versions that we need to pass as well?
    3- I have a master degree in software engineering, but my work experiences best match with software developer (NOC 2174), is it eligible for me to apply under NOC 2174? They specifically mention that “computer science, engineering programs won’t be considered”

    I really appreciate it if you can answer my questions.
    Many thanks in advance

  14. Dear Miss. Sona,

    Thanks a lot for this explanation. It is really helpful. I have completed first and second step. I have a doubt in the third step. I will be choosing ISP – Education + exp route.

    After reading your wonderful post, I have understood that: After downloading the CIPS application, I have to make the payment for both membership and review. Then I have to fill the application in MS Word.

    Q1.Should I print the filled application, and scan it to upload to CIPS site? Or should I email them the filled, printed and scanned application along with other documents?

    Q2. CIPS requires 1000 hrs proof. Are my payslips sufficient to prove this?


  15. Hi Sona,

    Thanks for the compilation of information under one page.
    My query is around the category of certification to apply under. Should it be ISP or ITCP. I have around 17 years of SW development and management experience. I am aiming for SINP.
    Your comment will be very helpful.

  16. Hi Jaspreet,

    You have really explained the process so well. Thank you for that. Though I have one small query, are there options to reappear for the test in case one is not able to clear at the first go? I have heard there are section A, B and C and one has to clear any one of the module to get the certification.


  17. Hi, I have done my ECA for Immigration(Which I submitted in EE profile) in WES, is this enough to submit this document or should I have to opt for a different evaluation?

  18. Hi Sona,
    I hope you are doing great. I have 10 years of IT experience and had applied for SINP under 2174 job code .It is under verification process and Authority has raised objection and has asked for CIPS Certificate but i was not aware of this earlier ,Can I apply now ,would it be considered or will it lead to refusal ? Please if you can guide on this


  19. Great job… to be honest, I have searched lots of youtube but not found any information.. then I try to search on google. and you came like an angel.
    I have a few queries, can you please help me out.
    1) I have done a Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering) and working as a software developer with 8 years of experience. I am also Planning to SINP.
    I am confused about what should I have to choose for the certificate I.S.P or ITCP?

    2) My degree evaluation assessment has been completed since 26th March, I have the Online report with me. but I haven’t received any hard copy yet. I opted for standard delivery. Its been 6 months now.
    hardcopy required for the CIPS Certificate process?

    Your early reply in this matter would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you.
    Ketan Patel

  20. Hello sona,

    Wonderful article i must say but regarding the ethnic exams you said one has to prepare very well. I have search for materials online to no avail. How do one prepare? Are there any resources or past questions and answers or tutorials somewhere. In addition, could you give us a format of how the job duties will be listed out. For example, a software developer – building web applications etc just a guideline so we are sure we are writing it the right way.
    Hope to hear from you soon

  21. Hi Sona,
    I hope you are doing great. I believe the information on your site is quite informative and thanks for such a great work. Just wanted to ask a query, I have 13 years of experience in IT working as Software Test /QA engineer for both manual and automation work and then 3 years before I was assigned as a role of Senior SDET. Now While filling the form of CIPS Education+Experience route I have to align my work responsibilities with the CIPS Body of Knowledge (BOK) areas. I am little confused here :
    Should I map my responsibilities with all three BOK’s : Systems Analysis , Systems Design and Software Engineering or should I map with only Software Engineering BOK
    Secondly , I did not understood much the meaning of Percentage of work at the IT professional level ( i.e. point E) under the I.S.P. Experience Template , how to get/calculate %of work

    Your early reply in this matter would be highly appreciated.


    1. Hi Jazz,

      Thank you for your appreciation.

      First of all, i always suggest to make a detailed list of each and every role under each employer. Well it doesn’t matter what roles were assigned to you, you just have to mention a detailed description of all your job duties under different designations with mentioned title of your each designation. Regarding BOK, i think you should indicate all the three BOK’s codes. Check the PDF Here : for details regarding BOK.

      Secondly, percentage of work indicates that how many %age you worked on a specific role out of 100. Lets take my example, in my case part of my duties were, development, documentation and QA/Testing. I mentioned %age according to my work eg. 60% development, 30% QA and 10% documentation. I hope its clear now, how to divide %age of your work.

      In addition to this if you still have any other concerns or confusion, you can always email to CIPS directly as its always a good practice to email the authorized organizations to get full details according to your case rather than making mistakes while submitting final application.

      I hope you will find it helpful.


      1. Thanks, Sona for the information, much appreciated.
        Further Query is that today I was about to Submit WES course by course evaluation and When I selected Licensing/Certification type, I found 2 options
        1) Licensing/Certification Type: Computer Science and Technology Related Fields
        2) Licensing/Certification Type: Engineering-Related Fields
        So just wanted to check Is selecting Computer Science and Technology Related Fields is fine?
        Also, 3 years back I had done my document by document evaluation from WES. So I am not sure should I need to send the transcripts again or would they take into consideration the transcripts sent last time.

      2. Hi Sona,

        I hope you are doing great.

        I had my WES course by course done from WES.
        I have sent you my filled CIPS profile in the required format@ your email on 8th August, could you please have a look and revert.

        Also, wanted to know that CIPS licensing is only applicable for Development profile or it is also applicable for a person holding a Software Test Engineer profile as well?

        Your early reply in this matter would be highly appreciated.


  22. Hi Sona,
    I hope you are keeping well.Your blog about Canada Immigration and related stuff are really helpful and much appreciated.Could you please help in filling “I.S.P – Education plus Experience Route” form? Your help will be much appreciated.


    1. Hi Jilu,

      Thank you for your appreciation. Regarding filling ‘I.S.P education plus experience route’ route form, you will have to provide the full detailed job description of your job duties for your each present/previous experiences. Don’t miss any detail otherwise they might revert your application.

      Thank you!

  23. Wonderful explanation for such a complex procedure as I was struggling it from past couple of weeks and luckily I got this one.

    One thing I would like to say that you may not be a professional blogger but for me you are a great presenter as I can see how beautifully you have demonstrated every single step. However, like others I also have some queries to ask as steps of such complex procedure vary person to person. Below are the queries which I am looking for :

    1) In your explanation you have mentioned that you only have one attempt for ethics test so does that mean it won’t allow us to give the exam again if we scored less than 75% in our first attempt?

    2) I have done my degree assessment from CES (Comparative Education Service) which is similar to WES as it is also one of the assessment body mentioned in website. So my inquiry is about the course-by-course study evaluation report that either this option is available in CES assessment plan for CIPS or not? If yes then either CIPS will accept that course-by-course evaluation report from CES or not?

    It would be great for me if you can clarify above mentioned points or atleast something out of it.


    1. Thank you so much Mubeen for your kind words and appreciation that means a lot, gives me the inspiration to write better and more fruitful content.

      After reading your comment I think my efforts of writing this blog post have been counted.

      Let me try to answer your queries:

      1) Yes, it will not allow you to give another exam if you scored less in your first attempt, I think you can try again using your different email account if you don’t succeed in the first attempt.

      But I will strongly suggest you prepare well before giving the exam as it is an open book exam.

      2) To be honest with you, I don’t have any experience with CES but what I could suggest to you that find the official email address of CES to get the detailed answer or you should contact them via phone.

      -You should do the same with CIPS by reaching them out via email.

      I used to contact CIPS via email for all the queries I had and they were really responsive.

      Thank you, Stay connected!

      1. Thanks for your kind reply. I clearly understand both the points for which you replied.

        One thing which I forgot to ask in my last comments is that do we need to get this certification done before to get the invitation from Saskatchewan or should we start this process once we receive the invitation from Saskatchewan through PNP nomination? Moreover, Is it a provincial based certification as I can see we need to select the state first before to proceed further? If so, then why that corresponding state name which is Saskatchewan not mentioned in that certificate?

        Hope you can clarify me these points too 🙂


        1. Glad to know that, You’re most welcome!

          Yes, CIPS certification is necessary for SINP however you will need to apply for CIPS before applying to SINP to avoid unnecessary delays in your PNP process.

          In other case you can also apply for SINP before getting that CIPS certification. But Saskatchewan government will hold your PNP application until you won’t provide the CIPS certification.

          For example, If you apply for SINP, and once Saskatchewan government review your application. If everything goes well, they will give you the time frame of 1 year from the date of correspondence to provide the CIPS certificate. In case anyone failed to provide the certification, they disqualify the PNP application.

          Well yes, you need to choose the province first before proceeding further. As CIPS is a regulatory authority of Canada to provide the certification. As they mentioned on their website they provide certification for six provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. So i think there is no point of mentioning the particular province name on the certification.

          Thank you!

          1. Thanks again!

            I must say that you have answered all my queries promptly and extensively.

            Let me start my CIPS process as I have already submitted my SINP profile.

            I will definitely contact you in future if I would further required any help. Moreover, it would be great if you can mention your email address too so that we can reach you via email in case if we need some help out of this.

            Best Regards,

          2. Great explanation. You are doing wonderful job. Few queries if you can answer-

            1. Post ITA, can you submit SINP application without CIPS and then Saskatchewan govt. will give another 1 year to get CIPS submitted?
            2. What if circumstances, changes by when you get CIPS certificate, like Age change resulting lower point. Do they calculate points again?
            3. For 2173 with MCA – Is CIPS is authority or APEGS.

            Thank you.

      2. Rasvinder Kour


        I deeply appreciate your detailed guidance on CIPS.

        Today, I finally submitted my complete application online at, after completing all mentioned steps.
        I have a few questions now.

        Firstly, God forbid, if my application happens to be incomplete in any respect, will I receive an email informing me of the same so that I am able to rectify the mistake?

        Secondly, I did not write much in the body of the email while sending the email to (I just wrote ‘please find attached all documents pertaining to my ISP Application – Education plus experience route’. Will this create a negative impact?

        Thirdly, hopefully if all documents appear fine to them, what is the approximate time that will be taken for my certificate?

        1. Hi, Thank you for your appreciation.

          Ok great, glad to know that.

          Alright, its totally depends on CIPS. I also forget to mention detailed job duties in the form and I got the email from CIPS that i need to elaborate my job duties in detail and I submitted the same, no issues after that.

          As i have mentioned in the article above, you should have mentioned WES reference number with all the attachments eg. your work experiences, Ethics certificate and CIPS certificate form. You should mention WES reference number and mail them right away.

          After receiving every documents they were required, the current processing time is 6-12 months. (For your reference i got my CIPS license in about 8 months).

          Thanks, Hope it helps!

  24. Wonderful web site. Plenty of useful information here.

    I am sending it to a few pals ans also sharing in delicious.
    And certainly, thanks in your effort!

  25. Great Job!! I am yet to apply for the ECA. Is it advisable to get it assessed course by course at the first place and CIPS added to the recipient list while applying through WES?

    1. Thank you for your appreciation. Yes it is advisable to get it assessed course by course at the first for sure, if you are applying for CIPS. People who don’t want to apply for CIPS certification they won’t require course by course evaluation. hope it helps!

      1. Thanks for the response… Since SINP seems to be the only viable option in terms of PNP, I started looking through the guidelines, a little confusion here. Is BSc + MCA eligible for applying under NOC 2173? They specifically mention that “computer science engineering programs wont be considered”. The educational and work experience requirements are quite stringent in case of SINP. And moreover, is MCA accepted for CIPS certification?

    1. Hi Ali,

      Sure, Kindly share the details here in the comment so that all the readers would get some valuable information. Btw, i have already shared all the details from my knowledge in the blog post.

      1. Please I need you help in filling my form for for the experience route, I have done every other thing and needs this for my SINP so urgent.

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