Alberta NAICS Codes List 2024 for Accelerated Tech Pathway

Alberta AAIP NAICS codes list

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is a framework that classifies businesses into specific categories.

It helps us understand the structure of the economy by grouping companies based on the type of work they do. I will try my best to explain NAICS further and give you the full list of NAICS codes along with examples, that will make it easier for you to understand it better.

Alberta NAICS codes list includes the codes for the eligible professions.

Let’s go deep into its history, NAICS is about 26 years old and the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) was introduced in 1997. It was developed jointly by the United States, Canada, and Mexico to provide a consistent framework for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of industrial statistics across the three countries.

Alberta NAICS Codes List 2024 for Accelerated Tech Pathway

Make sure your Alberta employer engages primarily in the Alberta tech sector, as specified by this NAICS codes list.

So if you are getting a job offer from Alberta, you must search the NAICS code of your company from the list, if it’s in the list, you are good to go.

If you are not sure about the NAICS code of your employer, definitely ask them and then confirm the NAICS code with the official list.

NAICS Code Description
2211 Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
3251 Basic Chemical Manufacturing
3254 Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing
3333 Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing
3341 Computer and Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing
3342 Communications Equipment Manufacturing
3343 Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing
3344 Semiconductor and Other Electronic Component Manufacturing
3345 Navigational, Medical and Control Instruments Manufacturing
3346 Manufacturing and Reproducing Magnetic and Optical Media
3364 Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing
4173 Computer and Communications Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
5112 Software Publishers
5121 Motion Picture and Video Industries
5173 Wired and Wireless Telecommunications Carrier (except Satellite)
5174 Satellite Telecommunications
5179 Other Telecommunications
5182 Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services
5191 Other Information Services
5413 Architectural, Engineering and Related Services
5414 Specialized Design Services
5415 Computer Systems Design and Related Services
5417 Scientific Research and Development Services
5419 Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
7115 Independent Artists, Writers and Performers
8112 Electronic and Precision Equipment Repair and Maintenance

Source: AAIP List of eligible NAICS

To find your NAICS code, As mentioned by the Alberta government, I too recommend having a chat with your Alberta employer or exploring the NAICS through their website.

Office website to search: NAICS website.

How to do a NAICS Code Search?

If you have just received the Alberta tech job offer or joining an Alberta-based tech company, this would be an important step for you.

Let’s take a quick example of NAICS, and do a Google search for ‘NAICS code for marketing and advertising’.

NAICS Code Search Example

Google gave us a quick result by showing ‘54181’ is the NAICS code for ‘Advertising agencies’, let’s go and search it manually on the official website to confirm it again.

  • Simply use the search bar, on the official NAICS website, by entering keywords related to your field.

Search NAICS version 3.0

  • You will see the code came from the result is of 6 digits ‘541810’, here:

NAICS Code Search Results on Official site

  • Usually, all the NAICS codes are 6 digits, but in the Alberta NACIS list, it’s always the first 4 digits that you have to match.
  • Now let’s do a quick check of the ‘Alberta NACIS’ code list, we will search for the first 4 digits ‘5418’.
  • I just did the search, and this code is not available in the list which means your employer is not eligible for the ‘Alberta Accelerated tech pathway‘.

Conclusion: Alberta (AAIP) NAICS Code list

I hope you have found all the information in this guide.

I would like to highlight it again, in case you aren’t able to find the NAICS code, always talk to your employer who has given you a job offer or you are going to join any Alberta company to process an accelerated tech pathway.

This will help you to know ahead that if your job offer/employer is eligible for this process. It will save you resources and time by doing this simple research in the very beginning.

Have any issues verifying the NAICS codes of your employer? please comment below, I would love to answer your queries.

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