Why is Saskatoon Called YXE? Interesting YXE Airport Facts

Why is Saskatoon Called YXE

Like any other airport in Canada, Saskatoon has also got its IATA code. Do you also curious to know, Why is Saskatoon called YXE?

Before we talk about Saskatoon and its YXE connection, let’s know some facts about Saskatoon and its other names.

Saskatoon is the largest city located in the center of Saskatchewan. Saskatoon is one of the most vibrant cities in the prairies. Saskatoon has about 3,37,000+ current population as of 2023.

Saskatoon is also known as a ‘toon’ town or ‘Stoon’. Saskatoon is also called ‘the Paris of the Prairies‘.

let’s find out why Saskatoon is known as ‘YXE’.

Why is Saskatoon Called YXE?

Saskatoon is called ‘YXE’ because Saskatoon international airport IATA code is YXE. Saskatoon’s airport was named after John G. Diefenbaker in the year 1993, who was Canada’s 13th prime minister. YXE is now located in the northwest of Saskatoon, from the core downtown to YXE Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker international airport is about 12-14 mins. drive (6.7 km) via Idylwyld Dr N/Louis Riel Trail. In the year 2006, Saskatoon airport officially becomes an ‘international airport’. Saskatoon is being called YXE since it has got its three-characters alphanumeric to geocode from the international air transport association (IATA).

YXE had become a popular identity in Saskatoon, and it is widely used by many businesses in Saskatoon.

There are a lot of businesses proudly using YXE in their brand name because YXE’s name represents Saskatoon.

DTNYXE.ca is a perfect example of a proud YXE business, DTNYXE.ca is a ‘DTN means Downtown YXE means Saskatoon’ which is a business hub directory of core downtown businesses here in Saskatoon.

What is Saskatoon Airport’s IATA code?

Saskatoon Airport aka Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport IATA code is YXE. Saskatoon’s airport authority is known as Skyxe. SKYXE is Saskatoon Airport’s official brand name.

What is Saskatoon’s (YXE) ICAO code?

Saskatoon’s ICAO code is CYXE. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) defined Saskatoon’s four-letter code which is CYXE. ICAO defines this unique 4 letter code for every airport, which is being used by air traffic control and mostly used by airline operations.

What are Saskatoon’s (YXE ) official codes?

Here you can find the details of Saskatoon’s official codes, IATA code, ICAO code, Saskatoon timezone, area codes and Saskatoon’s zip or postal codes.

[Saskatoon Official Codes]
Saskatoon IATA Code YXE
Saskatoon ICAO Code CYXE
Saskatoon Timezone CST (UTC−06:00 – no DST)
Saskatoon Airport Operator SAA: Saskatoon Airport Authority
Saskatoon Area Codes
  • 306
  • 639
  • 474
Saskatoon Zip/Postal Codes
  • Saskatoon East Central: S7H
  • Saskatoon North: S7P
  • Saskatoon North Central: S7K
  • Saskatoon Northeast: S7S
  • Saskatoon Northeast Central: S7N
  • Saskatoon Northwest: S7R
  • Saskatoon South: S7T
  • Saskatoon South Central: S7J
  • Saskatoon Southeast: S7V
  • Saskatoon Southwest: S7M
  • Saskatoon West: S7L

Saskatoon YXE Airport Facts

There are 100s of facts about Saskatoon YXE, but I am going to provide you with the most relevant and 11 interesting facts about Saskatoon YXE airport.

[1.] YXE official airport name

Saskatoon’s official international airport name is Skyxe, which can be pronounced like this s.k.y..ex..ee.

[2.] Skyxe Full Form

SKYXE full form, SK represents Saskatchewan, SKY represents Saskatchewan’s beautiful skies, The land of Living Skies.

[3.] YXE Airport Building

Saskatoon’s YXE airport building was named after John G. Diefenbaker in the year 1993.

[4.] YXE International Status

In the year 2006, Saskatoon Airport got its international airport’ status.

[5.] Saskatoon YXE Airport Full Name

Saskatoon Airport got its full name ‘Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport’.

[6.] YXE Legal Operator

Saskatoon’s legal operator and its corporate name is ‘Saskatoon Airport Authority’ which is SAA.

[7.] IATA Code

Saskatoon got its ‘YXE’ code from IATA.

[8.] YXE Airport Runway Length

Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport has a driveway of 3.2 kilometres of the runway.

[9.] YXE Airport’s Total Area

Saskatoon (YXE) airport is situated on a big 2,000 acres.

[10.] YXE Airport Terminal Building Area

Saskatoon YXE international airport has a large 238,000-square-foot terminal building, which is hosting an estimated 1.4 million+ travellers annually.

[11.] YXE Airport Total Employees

At Saskatoon’s YXE airport, there are an estimated 40 employees working 24×7 to make the operations smooth for the passengers and to keep airport operations on track.

Must Read:

Saskatoon Skyxe official logo

Saskatoon YXE airport has got a really cool logo, which is a combination of blue and green colours.

skyxe official logo
Skyxe official logo

Saskatoon YXE International Airport Important links

Saskatoon’s international airport contact details and official important links.

Saskatoon YXE Official Aiport Website: skyxe.ca
Saskatoon Airport’s official email: info@skyxe.ca
Saskatoon (YXE) International Airport Address:
  • Suite #1 – 2625 Airport Drive
    Saskatoon, SK Canada
  • Zip Code: S7L 7L1
SKYXE Official Facebook: facebook.com/skyxe.ca
SKYXE Instagram: instagram.com/skyxe.ca
SKYXE Twitter: twitter.com/fly_skyxe

Saskatoon YXE Summary

Saskatoon is the most vibrant and cultural city in Saskatchewan. I hope that you will find this post helpful and clears up all your queries regarding Saskatoon and its YXE connection.

I hope that you’ve got a clear answer to your question, Why Saskatoon is YXE?

If you would like to add anything else valuable to the article, please comment below. I would really appreciate your valuable comments.

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