Living in Toronto vs Calgary: Which is Better in 2024? [Real Stats]

Toronto Vs Calgary

Looking for an in-depth comparison between Toronto vs Calgary? and Looking to move to either location shortly? Your search ends here.

I hope this living in Toronto vs Calgary a complete new immigrants guide will help you to make the right decision. A lot of people have moved to Calgary from Toronto in recent times and are planning to move to Calgary shortly.

Toronto and Calgary are both amazing cities, they have their own charm, pros and cons and are a lot of new immigrant dream destinations.

Where Toronto is the financial hub of Canada, Calgary is the beautiful city of prairies which is just near the rocky mountains and the most famous tourist destination of Canada, Banff.

Toronto and Calgary both of the cities have tons of differences in terms of population, lifestyle, weather, affordability, employment/jobs, average salary between Toronto vs Calgary, taxes, the housing market, transportation, and more.

I know you are eager to know the conclusion about which is better between Toronto and Calgary, here we go.

Calgary is your best bet, which is around 40% more affordable in terms of housing than Toronto, with extremely lower cost on land transfer, Calgary has a 5% GST (sales) tax vs 13% HST tax in Toronto, and the cost of living is actually less in Calgary, and the average salary is bit higher in Toronto/GTA. Calgary has a $15/hr minimum hourly wage vs $16.55/hr in Toronto. Calgary Metropolitan has around 80% less population than Toronto GTA. Calgary offers great kids’ activities specifically indoor activities.

A lot of tech companies are choosing Calgary and setting up their headquarters in Calgary in 2024 and beyond. Toronto still offers more jobs and has a bigger job market but with a high cost of living. Calgary has a decent job market and with affordable cost of living.

Toronto Vs Calgary Highlights

  • Housing Affordability: Renting in Calgary is up to 40% cheaper than in Toronto.
  • Taxation: Calgary residents pay 5% GST compared to Toronto’s 13% HST.
  • Cost of Living: Overall, Calgary’s cost of living is lower than Toronto’s.
  • Minimum Wage: Calgary has a minimum wage of $15/hr, versus Toronto’s $16.55/hr.
  • Population: Calgary’s metropolitan area has about 80% less population than Toronto’s GTA.
  • Indoor Activities for Kids: Calgary is known for its great indoor activities for children.
  • Tech Industry Growth: Calgary is becoming a hub for tech companies setting up headquarters.
  • Job Market: While Toronto has a larger job market, Calgary’s job market is decent and combined with a more affordable cost of living.
  • Transportation Costs: Public transportation in Calgary is more affordable than in Toronto.
  • Restaurant Prices: Dining out is slightly cheaper in Calgary than in Toronto.

Before making the right and final decision, stick with me till the end to know all the groundbreaking stats and all other valuable details.

I will cover each of the important topics step-by-step below so that you can calculate your next moving location between Calgary vs Toronto and make your calculative move.

I assure you that, this is gonna be your ultimate guide for all your queries regarding living cost, jobs sector, employment rate, wages, weather, crime, and many other important aspects of Toronto and Calgary.

Without taking much of your time, let’s dive straight into the facts which is why you are here.

Toronto vs Calgary: General Difference

Let’s talk about the basic and general differences between Toronto and Calgary first.

With over 40+ million population Canada is a country where people are moving from all over the world, and there are over 200+ languages spoken across the country.

Toronto is the financial hub of Canada, but how did it all begin, when did Toronto discover?

Toronto, the financial hub, or the queen city or popularly called the 6ix is around 230 years old as of January 2024.

You must be waiting to go straight to the point, let’s go straight to the real stats.

Toronto Overview:

  • Province: Ontario
  • Toronto Population: 6.6M (metropolitan area)
  • Toronto GDP: US $417.8 Billion (approx. 20% of Canada’s GDP)
  • Toronto Area: 630.2 km²
  • Minimum Hourly Wage: $16.55/hr (CAD)

Toronto Quick Facts:

What do you know about Toronto? let’s find out with some interesting facts.

Toronto no doubt has a high number of job opportunities, it’s a fast-paced city with a massive population.

  • With over 6.6M people, Toronto (metropolitan area) has the largest population in Canada.
  • Toronto is the 4th largest city in the whole of North America.
  • Toronto is a financial hub and is called the financial capital of Canada.
  • Toronto is the capital of the province of Ontario.
  • Toronto has many nicknames i.e. The 6ix, York, Queen City, T.O., Hogtown, The 416 and many others.
  • Toronto has the cheapest and best flight connectivity.
  • Toronto is also being called the city of festivals.

Calgary Overview:

On the other hand, let’s talk about Calgary. Let’s begin with an overview of the city.

  • Province: Alberta
  • Calgary Population: 1.6M (metropolitan area)
  • Calgary GDP (per capita in 2022): $79,885 (USD)
  • Calgary Area: 825.56 km²
  • Minimum Hourly Wage: $15/hr (CAD)

Calgary Quick Facts:

What do you know about Calgary? let’s find out some of the quick fun and interesting facts about Calgary.

  • Calgary is holding the title of one of the cleanest cities in the world.
  • Calgary is the third most diverse city in Canada.
  • Calgary is the 4th largest city in Canada with over 1.6M (metropolitan) population in 2024.
  • Calgary is the home of the world’s largest rodeo, called The Calgary Stampede.
  • Calgary has been named the 7th most liveable city in the world.
  • Calgary has the most number of millionaires per capita compared to any other city in Canada.
  • Calgary also has the highest GDP per capita as compared to other big Canadian cities.

Toronto vs Calgary Population (2024)

Toronto has the largest population in Canada. Being a highly populated city in Canada.

Let’s take a deeper look at population stats for Toronto vs Calgary.

Toronto vs Calgary Population difference

These numbers are based on population by metropolitan area in Toronto vs Calgary. Toronto has approx. 80.5% more population as compared to Calgary in 2024.

Let’s take a deeper look at Toronto and Calgary’s population in 2024.

Toronto vs Calgary Population in 2023
Toronto vs Calgary Population in 2024

Toronto Population

In 2024, the population of Toronto is about 6.6M+.

Toronto vs Calgary Population 2023
Toronto Population 2023 | *Date source:

Toronto’s population is growing rapidly, with approx. 0.93% growth rate in 2024, Toronto & GTA surpassed 6.3M population.

Calgary Population

In 2024, the population of Calgary is about 1.6M+.

Calgary vs Toronto Population 2023
Calgary Population 2023 | *Data source:

Calgary population is growing faster than Toronto’s with an approx 1.80% growth rate in 2024.

Calgary is the 4th fastest-growing city in Canada by population including metropolitan areas which include Airdrie, Chestermere, Okotoks, and Cochran.

Population of Canada
Canada population by metropolitan area

*Source: Statista Research Department

Let’s have a quick look at the top 5 largest metropolitan areas in Canada.

  • The top and largest metropolitan area in Canada is Toronto, Ontario with over 6.6M residents in 2024.
  • The second largest metropolitan area in Canada is Quebec, Montreal with over 4.4M population in 2024.
  • Vancouver follows Toronto and Quebec and is ranked #3, the largest metropolitan area listed in Canada with over 2.8M population.
  • Calgary ranks #4 in the largest metropolitan areas in Canada, with over 1.6M population.
  • Edmonton follows Calgary with over 1.5M population and currently ranks at the 5th position.

Alberta’s two cities make the spot in the top 5 metropolitan areas list.

That’s the reason we have created a detailed guide for new immigrants those who want to move to Alberta must check our living in Calgary vs Edmonton detailed guide to make a vice decision.

Weather in Toronto vs Calgary

When thinking of moving from Toronto to Calgary or Calgary to Toronto, the major concern that comes to the mind is weather.

The weather in both places is good on its own.

Let’s check some important stats about the weather difference between Toronto vs Calgary.

Toronto in Winters (January 2023)

Toronto is not considered as the coldest city in Canada, but of course somewhere in the peak winter seasons city experiences quite cold days or weeks.

Here are some of the important Toronto weather stats:

Toronto weather report 2023

Let’s dive, check this latest January 2023 winter stats for Toronto.

Toronto Weather - January 2023
Toronto Weather – January 2023 | (c)

Temperature varies between +5°C and -20°C during January.

How about snow and snow storms in Toronto?

Yes, Toronto definitely experiences snow storms during peak winter months anywhere between December, January, and February.

Toronto in Summers (June 2023)

Toronto experiences one of the most beautiful summers full of events. Temperature varies between 11°C and 30°C+.

Let’s dig dive into summers, and check Toronto’s very recent summer stats in June 2023.

Toronto Weather June 2023
Toronto Weather June 2023 | (c)

Calgary in Winters (January 2023)

Calgary is considered to be a cold city in Canada.

Where temperature could go down to -30°C or even more during some of the extremely cold days.

But, Thanks to chinook winds, that melt down the snow fast and fluctuate the weather from negative to positive within hours.

Here are some of the stats about Calgary’s Weather in 2023.

Calgary weather 2023

Let’s take a look at the temperature in Calgary for the money of January 2023.

Calgary weather January 2023
Calgary weather January 2023 | source:

Calgary in Summer (June 2023)

Calgary is the sunniest city in Canada, you can enjoy sunshine throughout the winters and the entire year. Calgary has amazing and really hot summer days full of events and moving around.

Calgary weather June 2023
Calgary weather June 2023 | (c)

The temperature in Calgary during summer including rainy days varies between 10°C and 32°C.

Especially in May, June, July and August.

Calgary enjoys all 4 kinds of weather with tons of sunshine.

Let’s move to our next section, which is the most important and most asked question by new immigrants.

Cost of Living in Toronto vs Calgary (2024)

Cost of living in Toronto vs Calgary which many of you have been waiting to know with the real stats and facts.

First of all, let’s take a look at the very recent minimum hourly wage in Toronto and Calgary comparison.

Toronto vs Calgary minimum wages 2023
Toronto vs Calgary Minimum Hourly Wages 2024

Let’s dive straight into the stats and numbers.

Cost of living in Toronto vs Calgary: Highlights

Here are the important highlights of living in Toronto vs Calgary expenses, cost of living, daily transit, rent, gas prices etc.

Note: The data is based on the approx. value/numbers researched over 30+ web resources and fact-checked from multiple media and platforms.

  • General Overview: To maintain the same standard of life in Calgary as in Toronto, one would need approximately 7,382.8C$ in Calgary compared to 8,200.0C$ in Toronto.

  • Cost of Living: Calgary’s cost of living is significantly lower than Toronto’s. This difference is evident in various aspects, from housing to transportation.

  • Housing: Renting a place in Calgary can be up to 40% cheaper than in Toronto. For instance, a one-bedroom apartment in the city center of Calgary costs around $1,400, while the same in Toronto can go for $2,300.

  • Transportation: Public transportation in Calgary is also more affordable. A monthly pass in Calgary is priced at $112 (an adult above 18) and $82 (a youth ages 13-17), whereas in Toronto, it’s $156 (presto monthly, adult) and $128.15 (youth). In a nutshell, Calgary’s adult monthly pass is 28.2% cheaper than Toronto’s and Calgary’s youth monthly pass is 36% cheaper than Toronto’s.

  • Gas Prices: The average gas price in Toronto is 143.0¢ and the average price in Calgary is 130.1¢. Gas prices in Toronto are approximately 12.9¢ higher per litre than in Calgary, which is about 9.02% costlier than in Calgary. (October, 2023).

  • Average Home Prices: The price per square foot for an apartment in the city center of Calgary is C$582.30, which is 54.1% cheaper than Toronto’s 1,269.67C$. Similarly, for apartments outside the city center, Calgary’s rate is $451.90C, 53.5% cheaper than Toronto’s C$972.23C.

  • Restaurant Prices: Dining out in Calgary can be slightly cheaper. For example, a meal for two people at a mid-range restaurant in Calgary costs 100.00C$, which is 9.1% less than Toronto’s 110.00C$.

    Winner: When it comes to the cost of living, Calgary wins hands down. The city offers a more affordable lifestyle without compromising on the quality of life. Living in Calgary is approximately 24.39% cheaper than living in Toronto.


Toronto Cost of Living (2024)

Toronto, Ontario has the 3rd highest hourly wage rate as of January 3, 2024, which is $16.55 per hour.

Toronto, Ontario Minimum hourly wage 2023

The minimum hourly wage rate in Ontario has recently increased from $15.50/hr to $16.55/hr, on October 1, 2023, per Retail Council.

Ontario Minimum wage rates as of January 3, 2024

Ontario Minimum Wage RateOctober 1, 2023 to September 30, 2024October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023
General minimum wage$16.55/hr$15.50/hr
Student minimum wage$15.60/hr$14.60/hr
Liquor servers$16.55/hr$15.50/hr
Wilderness guides
(Rate for working less than five consecutive hours in a day)

(Rate for working five or more hours in a day whether or not the hours are consecutive)
(Rate for working less than five consecutive hours in a day)

(Rate for working five or more hours in a day whether or not the hours are consecutive)



  • Cost of living for a single person in Toronto downtown or surrounding areas, on average costs anywhere between $1000-$1150 (without rent).
  • Cost of living for a family of 4, which would cost somewhere between $4000-$4500 (without rent).
  • Toronto has the highest cost of living in Canada.

Toronto average rent cost (approx. without utilities):

Let’s check another important expense on your monthly income, monthly rent.

  • 1-bedroom: $1500- $1,900
  • 2-bedroom: $2200-$2,300 or more.
  • 3-bedroom: Starting from $2,800+

*Approx. figures according to current inflation and the super hot rental market.

Rental marketing is super high right now in Toronto as of June 2023 due to recent hikes in mortgage interest rates.

Toronto Average Income (2024)

Let’s calculate the minimum income based on the minimum hourly wage which is $16.55/hr in Toronto, Ontario.

For example, I’m going to show you as a single earner, or as a couple what you can earn with a minimum hourly wage in Toronto.

Earner Min. Hourly Rate Ontario Weekly Hours Weekly Earning Monthly Earning
Single $16.55/hr 40 $662/Weekly $2,648
Couple $16.55/hr 40 * 2 = 80 $1,324/Weekly $5,296

These monthly earnings are based on the minimum hourly wage but no worries, you will earn much more than that.

Even a survival job could start anywhere between $17/hr to $20/hr.

Once, you gain some experience or have yourself certified with the certifications related to your previous job field or your desired job field, you will get better job opportunities. 

You can earn anywhere from a minimum of $20/hr to $40/hr or more based on experience and education.

An average hourly wage in Toronto as of January 2024 is anywhere varying between $28hr-$32/hr.

Let’s calculate the average income per household (before taxes) in Toronto based on $30/hr as an average hourly wage.

Earner Avg. Hourly Rate Ontario Weekly Hours Weekly Earning Monthly Earning
Single $30/hr 40 * 1 = 40 $1,200/Weekly $4,800
Couple $30/hr 40 * 2 = 80 $2,400/Weekly $9,600

*These figures are based on general information only. Actual salary/pay may vary according to various reasons.

〈Important〉: Don’t forget to add childcare benefits, if you are having a child(s). CCB, child care benefits could vary based on the family income. CCB may vary between $400-$600 per month per child based on the family income.

Calgary Cost of Living (2024)

Calgary, Alberta has the 7th highest hourly wage rate as of January 2024, which is $15 per hour.

Alberta minimum wage rates 2023.
Alberta minimum wage rates 2023.


The minimum hourly wage rate in Alberta hasn’t increased since October 1, 2018. It stayed the same at $15/hr for the past constant 5 years.


  • The average cost of living for a single person in Calgary downtown or surrounding areas can vary anywhere between $800-$1200 (without rent).
  • An average cost of living for a family of 4, could vary between $2500-$3500 (without rent). This price range could vary depending on the lifestyle, expenses and spending.
  • Calgary is still affordable in many ways as compared to any big city in Canada if you compare it with Toronto or Vancouver.

Calgary’s Average Rent Cost

Let’s check the main expenses on your monthly income. Your apartment, house, condo, and basement rent.

  • 1-bedroom: $900-$1,200
  • 2-bedroom: $1300-$2,300 or more.
  • 3-bedroom: $2,500+

*Approx. figures without utilities, according to current inflation and ‘not luxury’ based on average. decent apartments, condos, houses or basements.

Rental marketing is climbing in Calgary as well in January 2024 due to recent hikes in mortgage interest rates by the Bank of Canada.

Calgary Minimum Hourly Income (2024)

Calgary has low taxes as compared to Toronto, Ontario.

Let’s find out the minimum income in Calgary, Alberta based on the minimum hourly wage which is $15.00/hr.

I am going to show you an example of earnings, whether you as a single earner, or as a couple what you can earn with a minimum hourly wage in Calgary.

Earnings in Calgary with a Minimum Hourly Wage

Earner Min. Hourly Rate Alberta Weekly Hours Weekly Earning Monthly Earning
Single $15.00/hr 40 $600/Weekly $2,400
Couple $15.00/hr 40 * 2 = 80 $1,200/Weekly $4,800

  • Annual income for a single person in Calgary, Alberta with a minimum hourly wage is: $28,800
  • A Couple’s (family) Annual income in Calgary, Alberta with a minimum hourly wage is: $57,600

*Numbers are based on a minimum hourly wage of $15/hr.

Calgary Average Income (2024)

An average hourly wage in Calgary as of January 2024 is anywhere varying between $30/hr-$32/hr.

Let’s calculate the average income per household (before taxes) in Calgary based on $32/hr as an average hourly wage.

Average Salary in Calgary 2023

Earner Avg. Hourly Rate Calgary Weekly Hours Weekly Earning Monthly Earning
Single $32/hr 40 $1,280/Weekly $5,120
Couple $32/hr 40 * 2 = 80 $2,400/Weekly $10,240

*Note: These figures are based on general information only. Actual salary/pay may vary according to various reasons, i.e. number of hours, wage, holidays etc.

Calgary Gas Price October 2023

Based on the popular app GasBuddy, here is the breakdown of Calgary’s most recent gas prices as of October 2023

Calgary Gas Prices:

  • Costco: 122.9¢
  • Esso & Circle K: 131.9¢
  • Petro-Canada: 131.9¢
  • Gas Plus: 131.9¢
  • Can Pro Gas & Propane: 131.9¢

Average Gas Price in Calgary: 130.1¢ ($1.30 per litre)

Toronto vs Calgary: Salary Comparison

The average salary in Toronto or Calgary is based on many different factors, based on different occupations including NOC codes.

Wages compression between Toronto and Calgary is based on three factors:

  • Low
  • Median
  • High

*Approx. salary is based on an hourly $/hr basis, and is in CAD (Canadian Dollars). The data source is:

[Salary: By Professions] [Wages In Toronto]

[Wages In Calgary]

(Occupation and NOC Codes) Low Median High Low Median High
Software Engineers and Designers (21231) $31.25 $50 $72.12 $23 $46.15 $70.91
Elementary school and Kindergarten Teachers (41221) $23.20 $43.27 $54.95 $24.81 $41.03 $51.79
Data analysts and data administrators (21223) $24.50 $41.44 $59.34 $21.63 $41.24 $55.77
Retail Salesperson (64100) $16.55 $16.55 $25 $15 $16 $23.33
Retail Sales Supervisors (62010) $16.55 $21 $38.45 $15.87 $21.89 $32.75
Financial Analysts (11101) $24.52 $36.62 $53.85 $30.05 $37.44 $60.32
Business Development Officers (41402) $21.54 $35.26 $72.12 $26.44 $44.71 $72.12
Software Engineer (21231) $31.25 $50 $72.12 $23 $46.15 $70.91
Information Systems Analysts (21222) $24.04 $41.03 $61.54 $25.96 $48.08 $76.92
Computer and Information System Managers (20012) $34.62 $55.29 $77.44 $33.65 $64.42 $76.92
Registered Nurse (31301) $25 $36.06 $48 $34.65 $45.19 $50.37
Advertising, Marketing, and PR Managers (10022) $23.08 $46.70 $74.52 $28.85 $47.88 $79.33
Customer Service Representatives (64409) $16.55 $19.23 $32.32 $15 $19.57 $34
source: wages in Toronto source: wages in Calgary

I picked some of the commonly asked and searched occupations.

Jobs Opportunities Toronto vs Calgary

Jobs are an important part of this comparison guide, of course, everything here depends on jobs.

My motive is to provide you with as much deep and well-researched information which provides value in your life and towards your goal.

Everything is connected to your jobs, and when you are making this big shift to move to Toronto or Calgary, you should dig deep into the Jobs market to take a jibe at current scenarios and what’s coming in the future.

Before digging into job opportunities, let’s go through the labour market in each location.

Toronto Labour Market

Toronto labour market report as of May 2023.

The report is divided into two categories:

  • Toronto – Economic Region
  • Toronto – Metropolitan Area

Let’s take a closer look at the real numbers as per the job market in Ontario (May 2023).

  • Total employment in Toronto as of May 2023, is 3,824,200.
  • Toronto’s economic region employment region saw an increase of 1.8%.
  • Toronto employment numbers grew by +68,500 from April 2022 to April 2023.
  • The unemployment rate declined by 0.9%.
  • The employment rate is up by 2.5% since last year (April 2022).

Calgary Labour Market

Calgary labour market report is divided into two categories:

  • Calgary – Economic Region
  • Calgary – Census Metropolitan Area

Here are the numbers as per the Calgary labour market report, starting with total employment.

  • The total employment as of May 2023, was 946,900.
  • Numbers grew by 15,000 from April 2023 and by 28,100 from May 2022.
  • The unemployment rate dropped by 0.4% since May 2022.

That looks like a great number, isn’t it?

The unemployment rate in Calgary

I won’t leave unemployment stats behind, I’ve got you covered with everything you were looking for.

Calgary’s unemployment rate has dropped in as of May 2023.

Here are the stats of Calgary vs Alberta vs Canada.

[Unemployment Rate] [May 2022] [May 2023]
Canada 5.2% 5.2%
Alberta 6.4% 6.0%
Calgary (*Economic Region) 6.4% 6.0%
Calgary (*Metropolitan Area) 6.6% 6.3%
Here are the stats to take a deeper look at overall Calgary’s labour market May 2023 report:
Calgary labour market latest report - May 2023
Calgary labour market report – May 2023

Toronto vs Calgary: Top Employers

In this part, we are going to take a deep look at the top recruiters in Toronto and Calgary in the years 2022-2023. So that you can have a clear sense and plan things accordingly.

There are a lot of major recruiters in both locations, I am going to mention the top 15 among the total, based on my extensive research.

Let’s begin with Toronto first.

List of Employers in Toronto and Calgary

There may be 1000s of great employers in Toronto and Calgary. Canada’s Top 100 Employers publication has released the Top 100 Employers list of 2023 winners.

Here I am going to list the top 15 employers based on top media publications and research.

Here’s the list in both cities, to give you a sense of what companies are providing more employment in both cities.

[Toronto Top Employers] [Calgary Top Employers]
Google Amazon
Loblaw Companies Ltd. Deloitte
QuadReal McDonald’s
Accenture Inc Starbucks
AIG Insurance Walmart
Amazon Canada KPMG
AMD / Advanced Micro Devices Accenture
BASF Canada Inc. KY
Canada Goose Inc. TD
CGI Inc. Best Buy
CIBC The Home Depot
Colliers International Canada Apple
Dynacare Inc. Shell
EY, Toronto Accounting Telus
Ford Oakville RBC
Halton, Regional Scotiabank
Hatch Ltd. Alberta Health Services
Home Depot Canada, Toronto Morgan Stanley
Humber River Hospital University of Calgary
KPMG LLP Enterprise
Labatt Brewing Company Ltd. Shaw Communications
LCBO / Liquor Control Board of Ontario CIBC
Roche Lowe’s Home Improvement
Manulife Nordstrom
Metrolinx Microsoft
Ontario Power Generation Inc. Tata Consultancy Services
PepsiCo Canada SLB
Royal Bank of Canada Cisco Systems
Scotiabank Costco Wholesale
Sobeys Inc Loblaw Companies
TD Bank Group YMCA

*Top employers in both cities, unsorted list.

Toronto vs Calgary Real Estate Market (2024)

Toronto and Calgary have completely different real estate market trends and valuations.

In terms of affordability Calgary no doubt ranks at #1 among the top cities in Canada.

Toronto Real Estate Market (2024)

I know most of you already know about the super hot real estate marketing in Toronto.

So, Let’s talk about the numbers first. Where does the Toronto real estate market stand in 2024?

According to in 2023, Toronto’s average house sale price is $1,061,853 (approx.) whereas in 2023, the average house sale price in Toronto was $1,203,916 (January-October 2022).

[Toronto Average House Sale Price 2023 vs 2022]
2023 Toronto Average House Sale Price $1,061,853 (approx.)
2022 Toronto Average House Sale Price $1,203,916 (approx.)
Toronto Real Estate Market 2023
Toronto Real Estate Market 2023 | Source: Remax

Calgary Real Estate Market (2024)

Here comes the real deal, Why people from Toronto or Vancouver are flocking to Calgary and calling it home?

The simple answer is, Calgary’s affordable housing and commercial real estate market. It is half the price of the average selling home price in Toronto.

Let’s dig straight into real numbers first. Where is the Calgary real estate market stands in 2024?

According to in 2023, Calgary’s average house sale price is $704,356 (approx.) whereas in 2022, the average house sale price in Calgary was $658,277 (January-October 2022).

[Calgary Average House Sale Price 2023 vs 2022]
2023 Calgary (Detached) House Sale Price $704,356 (approx.)
2022 Calgary (Detached) House Sale Price $658,277 (approx.)
Calgary Real estate housing market report 2023
Calgary Real estate housing market report 2023 | Source: Remax
[Calgary Average House Sale Price 2023]
Calgary (Detached) Avg. $730,000
Calgary (Semi-Detached) Avg. $627,000
Calgary (Townhouse) Avg. $410,000
Calgary (Condo/Apartment) Avg. $300,000
Calgary (All property types) Avg. $550,000

*Approx. average house sale price June 2023, source: |

Toronto vs Calgary Average House Price (2024)

There is a huge difference between Toronto and Calgary’s average house prices. In 2021-2022 there was a boom in Calgary’s real estate market after so many years.

Toronto vs Calgary Average House Price 2023

[Toronto vs Calgary Detached Average House Sale Price]
Toronto (Detached) $1,060,000 – $1,100,000 
Calgary (Detached) $700,000 – $730,000

*Approx. figures.

Even after the big boom, Calgary’s housing market is still much more affordable than any big city, Toronto or Vancouver.

As per the latest numbers, the average detached house price in Calgary is 39.8% cheaper than Toronto’s detached average house price.

Toronto vs Calgary Major Attractions

Both cities have their own charm and famous attractions. I am sure most of you might know about most of the famous attractions. I am going to highlight the top 10 major attractions of Toronto vs Calgary.

Toronto’s Top 10 Famous & Major Attractions

Toronto's Famous & Major Attractions
Toronto’s Famous & Major Attractions

Even though Toronto is the major tourist attraction in the world and tops the list in Canada. Toronto, the capital of Ontario offers amazing attractions, here are the top 10.

#1. Niagra Falls: Niagra Falls needs absolutely no introduction, even though it is not exactly located in Toronto it’s located in the town called Niagra, which is very close to Toronto.

#2. CN Tower: Toronto’s most iconic landmark.

#3. Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO): This is the must-visit place for anyone visiting Toronto. AGO is one of the largest art museums in Canada located in the heart of Toronto.

The AGO has a precious collection of European, Canadian, and contemporary art.

World’s renowned artists such as Rembrandt, Monet, and Van Gogh have featured their artworks in AGO.

#4. High Park: Toronto offers many amazing parks, but High Park is the only largest public park in Toronto which breathtaking beautiful gardens, recreational facilities and great hiking trails.

#5. Casa Loma: The biggest castle (mansion) is located in the center of Toronto. Casa Loma provides a glimpse into Toronto’s history and has beautiful gardens, decorated rooms, and an underground tunnel.

#6. Royal Ontario Museum (ROM): ROM requires no introduction if you have visited Toronto. Well for people who don’t know, ROM is Canada’s largest museum of art, culture, and natural History.

The ROM houses an extensive collection of exhibits, including dinosaur fossils, ancient artifacts, and art from around the world.

#7. Distillery District: A pedestrian-only area filled with Victorian-era industrial buildings that have been converted into art galleries, boutiques, restaurants, and cafes.

#8. Hockey Hall of Fame: Love Hocket, eh? Here you go, Toronto has a great place called ‘Hocket Hall of Fame’ a must-visit for hockey enthusiasts. It offers a deep history and great achievements of the sport. The Stanley Cup is the main attraction there.

#9. St. Lawrence Market: Caution: You will fall in love with this market. A historic market in Toronto, known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse food stalls.

#10. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada: When visiting CN Tower, must visit Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada which is just located at the base of the CN Tower, this popular aquarium showcases a variety of marine life. There are underwater tunnels and witness fascinating sea creatures up close to explore.

Calgary’s Top 10 Famous & Major Attractions

Calgary's Famous & Major Attractions
Calgary’s Famous & Major Attractions

Calgary offers great tourist spots and major attractions, being Alberta’s biggest city Calgary has an endless famous attractions list. I am going to list the top 10 must-visit major attractions in Calgary.

#1. The Great ‘Calgary Stampede’: Calgary Stampede also known as “The Greatest Outdoor Show on the planet Earth,” the Calgary Stampede is a world-famous event that takes place every year in July. Hundreds of thousands of people gather to witness this event from all around the world. It offers rodeo competitions, chuckwagon races (celebrating 100 years in 2023), live music, carnival rides, and a vibrant Western atmosphere. In 2023 The Calgary Stampede kicks off on July 7th and will go until July 16th.

Official Website: The Calgary Stampede

#2. Calgary Tower: Similar to Toronto’s CN Tower, Calgary has the biggest landmark in the city, named the Calgary Tower. Which offers panoramic views of the downtown skyline and the surrounding Rocky Mountains. The most interesting part is the glass floor that provides a thrilling view below from a height of 626ft.

#3. Calgary Zoo: Wilder Calgary Zoo is located on St. George’s Island, it is the top popular attraction that houses a huge range of animals from around the world. Tourists can watch habitats such as the African Savannah, the Canadian Wilds, and the Penguin Plunge.

Official Website: The Calgary Zoo

#4. Heritage Park: Another must-visit top tourist attraction in Calgary is Heritage Park. This living history museum showcases life in Western Canada from the 1860s to the 1950s. It features over 200 exhibits, including historic buildings, a steam train, antique rides, and costumed interpreters.

#5. Glenbow Museum: Situated in the core downtown of Calgary, the Glenbow Museum is home to a vast collection of art, historical artifacts, and cultural exhibitions. Explore Western Canadian history, Indigenous art, and various temporary exhibits.

#6. Stephen Avenue Walk: A beautiful Stephen Avenue Walk, which is also known as 8th Avenue is a vibrant pedestrian street in downtown Calgary. It offers a mix of shops, restaurants, cafes, art galleries, and street performances, making it a lively destination.

#7. Peace Bridge: Located on the Bow River, The Peace Bridge is the major attraction in Calgary. Which was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The Peace Bridge is a pedestrian bridge that spans the Bow River, connecting downtown Calgary with the community of Sunnyside. The bridge is an architectural marvel, featuring a unique helical design and a red-and-white colour scheme. It has become an iconic symbol of the city and offers stunning views of the river and surrounding skyline.

#8. Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame: Located at WinSport’s Canada Olympic Park, this museum honours Canada’s sports legends and showcases their achievements. Tourists can participate in interactive exhibits and discover more about the country’s athletic heritage.

#9. Fish Creek Provincial Park: Spanning over 13 square kilometres, Fish Creek Provincial Park is one of the largest urban parks in North America. It offers walking and biking trails, picnic areas, wildlife spotting opportunities, and a tranquil escape from the city.

#10. Prince’s Island Park: This beautiful urban park is located in the Bow River, just north of downtown Calgary. It has marvellous lush green spaces, walking paths, and areas for picnics, and hosts various festivals and events throughout the year.

Toronto vs Calgary Nightlife

This part of this guide will be tricky because both cities have their own nightlife versions.

I will mention some of the main highlights of both cities.

Toronto and Calgary have distinguishable contrasts in their nightlife scenes due to variations in the city’s sizes, demographics, and cultural impacts.

Here’s a main comparison of the nightlife in both cities:

Toronto Nightlife:

  • Diversity: Toronto’s nightlife mirrors its multicultural population, presenting a wide range of experiences and venues catering to different preferences, tastes and interests.
  • Vibrant Entertainment District: The major Entertainment District in downtown Toronto is a bustling place with numerous bars, clubs, and live music venues. It’s known for its vibrant atmosphere and popular nightlife joints.
  • Variety of Music Venues: Toronto has a booming live music scene, with venues varying from intimate jazz clubs to large concert halls. This financial capital city attracts a diverse range of local and international artists.
  • Stylish Neighborhoods: Areas like King West, Queen West, and the Distillery District are known for their trendy bars, cocktail lounges, and upscale clubs that cater to a fashionable crowd.
  • Late-Night Eateries: Toronto offers a multitude of late-night dining options, including diverse cuisines and popular 24/7 diners.

Calgary Nightlife:

  • Cosmopolitan Scene: Although smaller than Toronto, Calgary’s nightlife has a mix of offerings for both locals and visitors, with a focus on a more private and community-oriented experience.
  • Western Influence: Calgary’s nightlife reflects its Western heritage, with country music, line dancing, and cowboy-themed bars being prominent elements of the scene.
  • Pub Culture: Calgary has a healthy pub culture, with considerable neighbourhood pubs and sports bars where Calgarians gather to socialize, watch sports, celebrations and enjoy drinks.
  • Live Music and Comedy: The city has a thriving live music and comedy scene, with mixed venues hosting performances ranging from local bands to stand-up comedians.
  • Winter Events: Calgary embraces its cold winters by hosting outdoor festivals, such as the Big Winter Classic, featuring live music, art, and winter-themed activities.

*Disclaimer: It’s important to note that the nightlife scene in both cities is dynamic and ever-changing, with new establishments opening and trends evolving.

Toronto vs Calgary: Crime Rate (2024)

This is actually a tough topic to cover, but still important to be mentioned. Calgary is considered to be safer than Toronto, which of course depends on the city’s size and population.
Numbeo is the top source to compare crime rate stats between Toronto and Calgary.
Toronto vs Calgary Crime Index
(c) Numbeo
Toronto vs Calgary Crime rate
Toronto vs Calgary Crime rate | (c) numbeo

Moving to Calgary from Toronto? Must watch this video ‘Calgary Lifestyle’.

Living in Toronto vs Calgary: Conclusion

I think I have covered all the important valuable points with an immense amount of deep research. I hope you will find your answers and reason to move to your dream city.

If you’re looking for a balanced life, affordability and high pay rates there is no brainer, Calgary is the best bet in all aspects.

If you love hustle bustle and big city life, Toronto is for you.

If you’ve learned something from this article and got some value from my super-detailed guide on living in Toronto vs Calgary which city is better? I would love to hear your feedback.

It won’t take much of your time to leave a comment.  See you in the next one.

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