Why is Edmonton Called YEG? YEG Airport Facts

Why is Edmonton called YEG

Edmonton, the lively capital city of Alberta, holds a unique nickname ‘YEG’ that is close to the hearts of Edmontonians. In this article, I am going to highlight Edmonton’s YEG connection. I’ve visited Edmonton many times, and I also had this question in my mind, Why is Edmonton called YEG? This unique name carries a fascinating history.

Let’s find out the captivating story of YEG, exploring its origin, some lesser-known facts, and the prominent YEG Edmonton Airport Authority.

Edmonton (YEG) City Highlights

  • Edmonton, also known as YEG, is the capital of Alberta, an oil-capital Canadian city situated along the North Saskatchewan River.
  • Impressive museums like the Royal Alberta Museum showcase the city’s rich history and heritage.
  • West Edmonton Mall, located in Edmonton, is the largest shopping mall in North America.
  • Edmonton with a metro population of 1.5M+, is the second biggest city in Alberta.
  • Alberta’s biggest university University of Alberta is located in Edmonton.
  • Edmonton is one of the sunniest cities in Canada, and 2nd sunniest city in Alberta after Calgary with 325 bright sunshine in a year.
  • Edmonton hosts renowned festivals such as the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival, attracting artists and performers from around the world.
  • The city’s lush green spaces, including Elk Island National Park, provide a natural escape from the urban environment.

Why is Edmonton Called YEG?

The story behind YEG dates back to the early days of aviation. YEG is the official International Air Transport Association (IATA) code for the Edmonton International Airport. YEG Airport’s ICAO Code is CYEG.

The IATA assigns three-letter codes to airports worldwide, simplifying and standardizing air travel.

In Edmonton’s case, YEG was derived from the city’s name, and it became the official code for the Edmonton International Airport. Edmonton International Airport EIA rebranded and added YEG to its official name in August 2022.

As air travel gained prominence, locals adopted this airport code as a casual and affectionate way of referring to their city.

But what about the ‘Y’? To explain that, we need to take a quick trip down south to Calgary.

You can find here, Why is Calgary Called YYC?

Who is the CEO of the YEG Edmonton Airport Authority?

The YEG Edmonton Airport Authority plays a pivotal role in overseeing the operations and management of the Edmonton International Airport.

The current CEO and president of the Edmonton Airport Authority is Myron Keehn.

Myron Keehn was announced as the new CEO in October 2022 and officially became the CEO and president in 2023.

With years of experience in the aviation industry, Myron Keehn leads the team responsible for ensuring smooth airport operations, passenger experiences, and more.

YEG Airport’s New Logo

After recently rebranding EIA to YEG, Edmonton International Airport got its new logo.

YEG Airport Logo
YEG Airport Logo

YEG Airport: Important Information & Contacts

Edmonton International Airport YEG’s important information, data and official contacts.

YEG Official Airport Websiteflyeia.com
YEG Official Contact Emailinfo@flyeia.com
YEG Official Contact Number+1 (780) 890 8382
YEG Flights Informationflyeia.com/flights
YEG Airport Parkingflyeia.com/parking-transportation
YEG Airport Servicesflyeia.com/services
YEG Airport Parking Emailairportparking@flyeia.com
YEG Official Facebookfacebook.com/FlyYEG
YEG Official Instagram@fly_yeg
YEG Official Twitter@FlyYEG
YEG Airport CEOMyron Keehn

*Last Updated & Fact checked: October 13, 2023

YEG Airport Facts

Let me tell you a brief history and facts about YEG Edmonton International Airport which you should be aware of.

1. Before YEG (1920s-1950s): Did you know Edmonton was initially served by the Edmonton Municipal Airport? It was known as Blatchford Field, starting in 1927.

This historic airfield became Canada’s first licensed airfield in 1929 and played a vital role during the Second World War.

2. From Farmland to Flights (1955): In 1955, a piece of land near Leduc was selected as the future site of Edmonton International Airport. Transport Canada acquired 7,600 acres of land for $1,469,657.

To make this land ready for aviation, several challenges had to be overcome, including tackling stubborn weeds, evicting a colony of resourceful beavers, and ensuring livestock stayed clear of the runways.

3. The First YEG Flight (1960): Exactly 63 years ago, On November 15, 1960, Edmonton International Airport opened for passenger service.

Initially, it used the L-3 Communications Spar Aviation hangar as a temporary terminal.

In 1963, the impressive 370,000-square-foot terminal that we know today as YEG’s north terminal opened ahead of schedule at a cost of $10 million.

4. Growing Pains (1970s-1990s): During the 1970s and 1980s, YEG managed wide-body jets with non-stop flights to Europe.

Regardless, the two-airport system faced challenges such as passenger transfers, declining passenger volumes, fewer non-stop flights, and increased aircraft noise.

5. A Decisive Vote (1995): In October 1995, Edmontonians voted overwhelmingly to consolidate commercial flights at the International Airport, while the Municipal Airport continued to serve private and general aviation.

6. YEG Grows (2000s-2020s): In the late 1990s and early 2000s, YEG underwent a substantial $450 million construction program.

This led to the development of a new south terminal, the expansion of Central Hall for security and retail services, and increased cargo-handling capacity. YEG continued its growth and investment in technology and development.

The establishment of Airport City brought increased tourism and economic development to the region. Investments in the Cargo Village infrastructure met the growing demand for cargo services.

By 2018, YEG was serving a remarkable 8.2 million passengers annually.

7. YEG’s Economic Impact: Now, If we look at the recent numbers, YEG provides an economic output of over $3.2 billion and supports 26,000 jobs in the region, making it a major economic driver.

8. Future Growth: As one of the fastest-growing airports in Canada, YEG keeps expanding. The Airport City, with its diverse businesses and tenants, fuels growth, tourism, and economic development. The Cargo Village is continually upgraded to meet evolving cargo service needs.

9. Canada’s Largest Airport: YEG is Canada’s largest airport in terms of area, with more than half of its land still under cultivation in 2018.

10. EIA to YEG rebranding: Edmonton International Airport EIA rebranded its name and added YEG to its official name on August 22, 2022.

11. YEG’s new CEO:  Myron Keehn become the President & CEO, of YEG Edmonton International Airport in the year 2023.

12. YEG in 2023-2024: Edmonton International Airport (YEG) is set to undergo significant infrastructure upgrades, with construction starting on September 26, 2023.

This will temporarily close the Departures Roadway on Level Two and necessitate passenger pick-up and drop-off relocation.

The project, managed by PCL Construction and RJC, will extend into 2024, affecting over 50 non-stop destinations.

Passengers can save 20% on parking with promo code JETPAST20 when booking by October 31, 2023, for travel until January 12, 2024.

*Data and YEG History Source: About YEG History

Discover YEG: A Hub of Business in Edmonton named after YEG

YEG is a dignity, and naming a business after YEG represents a unique business name, an easy-to-remember brand name.

  • YEG Burger
  • YEG Cleaners
  • YEG Clean
  • YEG Coffee Co.
  • YEG Plumbing
  • YEG Cycle
  • YEG Auto Repair
  • YEG Fitness
  • YEG Pet Care
  • YEG Pizza on Wheels
  • YEG Brews & Spirits
  • YEG Tech Solutions
  • YEG Fresh Market
  • YEG Yoga Studio
  • YEG Dental Care
  • YEG Auto Leasing
  • YEG Capital Partners
  • YEG Coffee Co.
  • YEG Dental Clinic
  • YEG Eats
  • YEG Fitness
  • YEG Legal
  • YEG IT Solution
  • YEG Digital
  • YEG Realty

and the list goes on.

13. Edmonton Regional airports Authority (YEG) has been named one of Alberta’s Top 80 Employers for 2024. They’re getting this recogniztion for their health and financial perks, a strong focus on safety at work, family-friendly vibes for a sweet work-life balance, and some really engaging initiatives.

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Why is Edmonton Called YEG?: Conclusion

Edmonton is popularly known as YEG by its nickname and has a captivating history rooted in its airport code, but it represents much more than just aviation. It reflects the warm, welcoming spirit of the city and its residents.

Edmonton’s rich culture, biggest mall, impressive park system, and diverse arts scene make it a truly unique place in Canada.

So, the next time you hear someone refer to Edmonton as YEG, you’ll know that it’s more than just a code; it’s a symbol of pride for this remarkable oil capital city of Canada.

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