[My Canada PR Story] “I got so disheartened that I lost HOPE and moved on in LIFE” – V.R.Mirza

My Canada PR Story - V R Mirza

Today is 03/14/2020; Time : 14:40 PM CST.

I am sharing another motivational Canada PR story of a strong woman V.R.Mirza. She passed all the hurdles on her own, gone through all the pains, struggles, and achieved her Canadian dream.

I am sure this story is going to inspire you to keep moving towards your Canadian dreams.

and here it starts…

It all started back in May 2017 when I hired an immigration lawyer sitting in Ottawa for my Express Entry. I was stupid and thought it’s some big deal.

Long story short, after months of wait, she told me I’ve been rejected to be added to the draw. I got so disheartened that I lost hope and moved on in life.

One day on 7th April 2019, I was bored at work and thought why not see what Express Entry is actually and how do we apply for it. I thought I’ll check just by the way and will apply myself VERY CASUALLY since my IELTS was expiring on 24th May 2019 anyway.

I had my WES and IELTS both since May 2017 so it took me a couple of hours to complete my Express Entry profile and I hit the SUBMIT button!

19th April 2019: After exactly 11 days I received an email saying:

“Your application has been updated”

To my shock, after opening the profile I got to know I received the ITA 😱

Now came the difficult part. They gave me 60 days, but my IELTS was expiring in a month.

I wasn’t even prepared for this because I thought I was a loser and will never receive the ITA (since this is what I was told by the lawyer when I applied back in 2017).

I had no documentation ready, no bank statement, no work experience letters, no FRCs, I mean NOTHING whatsoever 👀

I had the following hurdles :

1.) Since I was a single mom, I had an ongoing custody case with my ex-husband too. IMAGINE THE PRESSURE.

My ex-husband and I came to an agreement with a lot of compromises from both sides and he withdrew his custody case. We signed the agreement and I got full guardianship of my son.

2.) Since I have an aunt (mom’s sister) in Canada, I had mentioned that in my application. Although we weren’t on talking terms with the Aunt, I couldn’t lie to the Canadian authorities. But the unfortunate part was, they asked for her *Proof of citizenship* and *Proof of relationship*.

I then asked my grandma to ask her if she could send a picture of her citizenship card to me for the *Proof of Citizenship*, but she REFUSED to say she WON’T.

For the *Proof of Relationship*, I could still attach the FRC of my mom. But unfortunately, my mom at that point was in the US for another few months.

Hence I was left with no option and attached *LOE’s* for both.

3.) I started working on all my documents day and night. I finally managed to prepare all my documents before 24th, except for my *Bank Statement*.

Since it was a gift from my dad, I had to prepare the affidavit, etc. The payment from my dad’s account to mine got delayed and there was a bounced cheque transaction on my bank statement. I mean it was a mess and I received the bank statement on the 25th of May.

4.) I had given my IELTS test on 25th May 2017 and it expired in 2 years i.e. on 24th May 2019. I got so upset but I still went on with it.

25th May 2019: So I finally uploaded everything I had, paid for the bio-metric and PRPF on the spot.

I had lost hope by this time already because of the IELTS expiry, Bank statement, proof of relationship, citizenship, everything was a mess.

17th June 2019: I switched my job so I sent them my new contract and appointment letter.

1st July 2019: I sent them the legal guardianship letter for my son. (They didn’t ask for it)

7th July 2019: I was asked to get my and my son’s medicals done.

10th July 2019: I was asked to give my biometrics. I gave them on 12th July 2019.

Both were updated as a GHOST UPDATE on my profile. Medical passed and bio-metrics received or whatever.

I then had to pull out 70% of the money in my account due to unforeseen circumstances.

My account remained with a 30% amount for months.

There was silence at the IRCC for months…


16th October 2019: Added that 70% back to my account.

22nd Nov 2019: ADR regarding my son’s consent letter.

Please note, I had already submitted this to them in their own given format i.e. IMM5604. But then I got a new one with a new date from my ex-husband and submitted it on 27th Nov 2019.

My AOR was 25th May 2019 and 6 months completed on 25th Nov 2019.

There was a ghost update regarding the receipt of ADR on 26th Nov or 27th Nov.


3rd Dec 2019: I raised a web-form inquiring about the status of my application.

10th Dec 2019 around 01:15 AM: Received an email saying:

“We confirm your application is still in process at the CPC in Ottawa.”

I then thought this is going to take long. I must just sleep on it. *sigh* I was honestly done by then. I wasn’t too hopeful anyway, which is obvious to you guys already 😂

10th Dec 2019 at sharp 07:36 AM: Received the GOLDEN EMAIL.

‘PPR’ on the same day after 6 hours

Can you believe it? I STILL CAN’T.

Submitted our passports on the same day.

17th Dec 2019: CoPR 

I have that passport and CoPR in my hand and I just can’t believe it.

All those struggles and hardships finally come to an end. I will be able to give my son a secure future.

Against all odds, I got the PR.

My entire process from AOR to CoPR took around 7 months.

“Just be patient and don’t panic.”

Whatever my situation was, it wasn’t in my hands. So please don’t risk it as I did. But I do believe in miracles now.

Summary :

[My Ghost update to PPR timeline]

NOC: 4164

CRS: 473

ECA: Masters (I did a 2 yr Bachelor’s, 2 yr M.Sc and 2 yr M.Phil in Pakistan)

IELTS: Overall 8 (L 8.5, R 8.0, W 7.0, S 7.5) CEFR C1

Timeline :

ITA: 7th April

AOR: 19th April

APR: 25th May

Medical: 7th July

Bio-metrics: 10th July

ADR: 22nd Nov

PPR: 10th Dec

CoPR: 17th Dec

I am planning to land in March 2020 since I am not a winter person but I know I gotta get used to it.

I will most probably go to Mississauga or Waterloo. Not sure yet.

See you all on the other side 😎

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Wow! Way to go girl. I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart for your success.  I wish you and your family a very happy and successful life ahead in Canada. Thank you for sharing your motivational story.

You won’t know how many people especially single moms are going to be motivated by reading your amazing Canada PR story. You are an inspiration to all the readers who are about to QUIT and move on from their Canadian dreams.

Note for Readers: Please do share your Canadian PR story/immigration stories and I would love to share it on my blog.

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Your story may inspire the 1000s of others, including your loved ones, your children, your siblings. Express yourself as no one is here to judge you.

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