What is SINP PNP? SINP Categories, Fees, How to apply?

What is SINP PNP - The Definitive Guide

The complete step-by-step guide on What is SINP, SINP PNP Categories, Fees and how to apply.(Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program)

In this detailed guide, you will learn all about:

  • Introduction to SINP
  • Things to consider before choosing SINP
  • Application Categories Explained
  • How does SINP work?
  • How to apply for SINP?
  • SINP Processing Time
  • SINP Processing Fee

So if you are looking to apply via SINP, please follow the guide carefully:


What is the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)?

Immigration to Canada is every man’s dream, for the country presents exciting work and residential opportunities to foreign nationals. The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is one such way (and a popular one too) to gain a Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada.

Conveniently situated in Western Canada, Saskatchewan is one of the best locales for settlement. Saskatchewan is called “Land of the Living Skies” where you can see different colours in the sky when you move to small towns and farmland. You can clearly see the sky-touching ground when you move outside cities. The capital of Saskatchewan is Regina and the major city according to population is Saskatoon.

Its agriculture-based economy also attracts people from far and wide. To fill certain gaps in its economy and to boost growth, SINP invites foreigners with the necessary skills and experience to apply for the Saskatchewan provincial nomination and eventually for PR.

Why should you Choose SINP?

Applying for a provincial nomination to Saskatchewan via SINP presents a couple of advantages.

  1. Under two categories of SINP called “Saskatchewan Express Entry” and “Occupation in-demand”, there is no need for job offers and experience in Canada or any connection with Saskatchewan.
  2. Deserving candidates are allowed a less complex and time-saving route to apply directly to the Canadian government. The processing time of applications coming through SINP is relatively less.
  3. Applicants receive complete support and guidance from provincial immigration officers on the various requirement criteria to avoid any possibility of error in the application.
  4. SINP not only helps foreign immigrants but also residents living and working in the province. The program presents opportunities for skilled participants to invest in or start a business in Saskatchewan.

Talking about my experience with SINP, it took almost 2 and a half months to receive the nomination if I excluded the waiting period to receive the CIPS certificate.

During the process, one of my bank statements was missing but I must say SINP is very supportive and responsive.

They asked me to submit it as soon as possible and I did the same. Except this, there were many times I called and emailed them to know other things even after receiving the nomination.

Trust me; SINP is one of the best immigrant nominee programs to apply for.

Visit the official website to find out Registration, Certification or Licensing: Regulated Occupations and Licencing Requirements 

SINP Application Categories

There are Four Major Categories of SINP that have further sub-categories:

Category 1: Worker with Saskatchewan Work Experience

Category 2: Entrepreneur

Category 3: Farm Owner and Operator

Category 4: International Skilled Worker Stream

Let us start the explanation of each category

Category 1: Saskatchewan Work Experience

kindly read it carefully, so that you can fully understand.

Who is Eligible?

Foreign nationals currently living and working in Saskatchewan are eligible to apply. All individuals, barring a few exceptions, applying under the following sub-categories must have a valid work authorization issued by IRCC and must have worked for at least 6 months in the province.

Having a minimum CLB 4 – Canadian Language Benchmark. (L: 4.5, R: 3.5, W: 4, S: 4)

Sub-Categories of Saskatchewan Experience Category

Health Professionals include physicians, Nurses and other Health Professionals. (Must have a full-time job + work permit + working from the past 6 months).

Skilled Workers with Existing Work Permit: Working full-time on a valid work permit for the past 6 months.

– Semi-skilled Agriculture Worker with Existing Work Permit :

NOC 8431: General Farm Worker and,

NOC 8432: Nursery and Greenhouse worker.

Must have at least 6 months experience in Saskatchewan and a valid work permit.

The hospitality sector includes Food and Beverage servers, Food Counter attendants/Kitchen helpers & housekeeping/cleaning staff. Working on a temporary work permit through LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) with an SINP hospitality-approved employer for the past 6 months.

Long Haul Truck Driver counting individuals working for an approved trucking company in Saskatchewan on a temporary foreign work permit. If permanent employment is offered, may apply for PR via SINP after a minimum of 6 months of employment experience.

Students –Graduates from a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution are eligible to apply if they’ve worked for a minimum of 6 months in a Saskatchewan educational institution.

Processing Fees for Saskatchewan Work Experience Category

There are no fees for processing a Saskatchewan work experience class application. It is completely free of cost.

Processing Time for Saskatchewan Experience Category

  • Existing Work Permit: 2 Weeks
  • Health Professionals: 4 Weeks
  • International Students: 2 Weeks
  • Truck Drivers: 1 Week
  • Hospitality Workers: 5 Weeks

How to apply for the Saskatchewan Work Experience Category?

  • Check the general requirement as well as documents required here on the official website of Saskatchewan here: Worker with Saskatchewan Work Experience  – SINP
  • Gather all Documents and submit them here: Log In to OASIS
  • Wait for a response from SINP. Once the application has been approved and applies for permanent residence to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada).

Category 2: Entrepreneur Stream

The minimum Net worth of $500,000 CAD and the Minimum investment required is $200,000 CAD

Minimum of 3 years experience as a business owner

Owned a minimum of 33.33% of the equity of a business in Saskatchewan, Canada, unless you have a total investment of a minimum of $1 Million CAD.

Here is the official website link to SINP Entrepreneur Stream

Sub-Category: International Graduate Entrepreneur

Foreign students graduating from eligible post-secondary institutions in Saskatchewan, who are keen to start a business in the province, can apply.

What are the Minimum Eligibility Requirements to submit an EOI (Expression of Interest)?

  • A candidate must least 21 years old
  • Have completed a full-time post-secondary degree or diploma of at least two years in length from an institution in Saskatchewan
  • Should Have a valid at least two years of Post-Graduation Work Permit
  • You should have resided in Saskatchewan for the duration of your academic program and distance learning programs do not qualify
  • Must Have a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of 7 (L: 6, R: 6, W: 6, S: 6)

The following requirements are for those whose application got selected from the EOI pool and are invited to apply by SINP

  • Reside in Saskatchewan
  • Actively own and operate a business in Saskatchewan for at least one year prior to applying for SINP
  • Own at least one-third (33.33%) of the business and take part in the day-to-day management. Investment of business made directly by the applicant, either from their own equity or from an eligible source.
  • Demonstrate that the business is generating the minimum required revenue amount after one year of operation
  • Sign a Business Performance Agreement (BPA) with the Government of Saskatchewan once the application is approved.

How to Apply for International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream?

Here I am briefing the 4 steps procedure from the application and nomination process:

#1. Submitting Expression of Interest (EOI)
Candidates must show interest by completing an EOI profile. A candidate must fulfill above mentioned Minimum Eligibility Requirements to submit an EOI to SINP.

#2. Invitation to Apply (ITA)
Candidates are selected from the EOI system. Selections are made based on their top score on the point’s criteria grid.

#3. Business Establishment
Applicants on a valid post-graduate work permit (PGWP) must operate their proposed business.

#4. Nomination
once an applicant fulfills the conditions of the Business Performance Agreement (BPA), can apply for SINP for permanent residency. The candidate must continue to meet the terms of BPA during the permanent residence application process.

Note:  If a candidate shuts down or sells their business after receiving the SINP nomination and before obtaining permanent resident status, their nomination will be revoked by SINP.

Processing Time and Fees for International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream 


  • Entrepreneurs: $2500 CAD
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur: $0

Processing Time: Entrepreneur applications: 17 Weeks

For all the details visit the official site >> International Graduate Entrepreneur

Category 3: Farm Owner and Operator

SINP Farm Stream

SINP Farm Stream

Individuals keen on owning and actively operating a business or farming venture in Saskatchewan can apply under these sub-categories:

Sub-category 1: Farm Owner and Operator

  • Farmers with experience and sufficient capital wanting to own and operate a farming operation in Saskatchewan can apply.
  • Farm operation knowledge and practical experience required
  • Must have a personal net worth of CAD 500,000
  • and much more.

Sub-category 2: Farm Owners and Operators – Young Farmers Stream

  • Young farmers under the age of 40 (at the time of application) with experience and sufficient capital wanting to own and operate a farming operation in Saskatchewan can apply.
  • Minimum 3 years of personal experience in; Farm ownership + Farm management + Practical farming experience.
  • Having a personal net worth of CAD 300,00
  • You or your spouse must have employment skills based on education and work experience
  • and much more.

For more details please visit the official website of Saskatchewan here: Farm Owner and Operator Application

Processing Time and Fees for Entrepreneur and Farm Stream

The application fee for both streams is $2500 and requires a deposit of CAD 75,000.

Category 4: International Skilled Worker Stream

Applications from foreign skilled workers are invited to fill the skilled labour gap in the province. Nominations fall under the following sub-categories:

  1. Express Entry Stream
  2. Occupation In-Demand Stream
  3. Employment Offer Stream

1) International Skilled Worker – Express Entry Stream 

The Express Entry Streamworks on the EOI point-system model wherein candidates who meet the criteria can create an online profile of Expression of Interest (EOI) on the SINP login portal.

Check my complete guide on “Saskatchewan Expression of Interest (EOI)” which will help you to learn about the SINP EOI system, how to calculate points for EOI, how to create and submit EOI, how the EOI system works and how SINP ranks candidates on the base of EOI.

After submission of the profile, candidates are ranked via the SINP Ranking System and assigned a score. Those who rank the highest are chosen from one of the latest SINP draws and issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for provincial nomination.

Check my detailed guide on “How to apply for SINP International Skilled Worker – Express Entry Stream” to know more details about:

  • Expression of interest (EOI) system
  • Points Assessment Grid for Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • How to Create and Submit SINP Expression of Interest (EOI) Profile
  • How the SINP Express of Interest (EOI) System Works
  • How SINP EOI Candidates Are Ranked

For more details check the official website of Saskatchewan here: International Skilled Worker: Saskatchewan Express Entry

2) International Skilled Worker – Occupation In-Demand Stream

Skilled workers who possess the required experience in any one of the in-demand occupations in Saskatchewan can apply under this category.

Note that candidates applying under this category need not have a job offer from an employer in Saskatchewan.

As International Skilled Worker Occupation in-demand stream is not aligned with Express Entry, which means candidates cannot take advantage of the 6-month average processing times of Express Entry.

Processing times of International Skilled Worker Occupation in-demand stream are usually longer and take around 1 year from PNP to PR.

So if you have having Low CRS Score, SINP PNP would be the best option for you.

Before applying under the SINP international skilled worker occupation in-demand Stream, check your occupation must not be excluded from the in-demand list.

Check Here: SINP Excluded Occupation List

Eligibility criteria for International Skilled Worker Occupation in-demand stream include:

1.) You may qualify for this sub-category if you live outside Canada or applicants living in Canada must submit proof of legal status but not holding the status of refugee.

2.) A minimum score of 60 points based on the Point Assessment Grid. To calculate points on the SINP points assessment grid, visit my post on “How to calculate SINP EOI points” and how to create and submit an EOI profile to SINP.

3.) Minimum language score of 4 as per the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB). Check my post on “Language Assessment Test

4.) A candidate must have a diploma, certificate or degree. For education outside of Canada, you must submit an educational credential assessment (ECA) from a designated organization. Check my post on “How to apply for ECA?”.

Individuals who have completed trades or job training as part of their high school education must instead apply for a Saskatchewan license.

5.) At least 1-year post-secondary education or training relative to the education system in Canada, as a result of which the candidate possesses a relevant degree, diploma, or a certificate equivalent to a trade certificate.

6.) Minimum work experience in the specific line of education or training in a skilled occupation which is believed to be in-demand in Saskatchewan

7.) Proof of Professional Status of Licensure if required under SINP.

Check here to see if your NOC code requires a license to work in Saskatchewan.

Just in case you are from the IT field and require a CIPS certification, check my post on a detailed post on “How to get a CIPS Certificate for Canada”.

8.) Proof of funds and plan of settlement.

How to Apply Under the SINP Occupation In-Demand Stream?

This stream works on the EOI system. Applicants who qualify for the minimum requirements of the stream can create an online profile on the SINP online portal.

After the profile is successfully submitted, all candidates are assigned a score and rank via the SINP Ranking System. Those who rank the highest are chosen via one of the SINP draws and granted an ITA to file an application for nomination.

Candidates receiving the ITA must submit a complete application to the Saskatchewan province within 60 days. They’re also required to pay a non-refundable application processing fee of $350 CAD.

As the SINP international skilled worker occupation in demand mostly resemble with SINP international skilled worker express entry stream except for the existence of the express entry profile the basic fundamental of both streams are related to each other.

Approved applications are notified via email. The applicant is granted provincial nomination and stands eligible to submit an application to the federal government for PR in Canada.

They have 6 months time limit to do so. After receiving the nomination, processing of the application will be paper-based.

Processing Time for International Skilled Worker – Occupation In-Demand Stream

The general processing time for all OID applications submitted under the International Skilled Worker category is 35 weeks. However, all documents and forms must be submitted in the correct order with accurate information to avoid delays in processing or rejection.

Processing Fee for International Skilled Worker – Occupation In-Demand Stream

The processing fee for occupation in demand is $350.

For all the OID details visit the official website link: International Skilled Worker: Occupation In-Demand

3) International Skilled Worker – Employment Offer Stream

Skilled workers in Saskatchewan who have already received a job offer from an employer in the province are entitled to apply under this category.

However, the employer is required to first obtain approval from SINP before the candidate submits his/her application.

Failure to receive approval from SINP can result in immediate rejection of the candidate’s application.

To seek approval, the employer would be required to first register on the SINP Employer website.

After review of the position in question and approval of the same, SINP sends a Job Approval Letter to the employer.

The candidate is required to submit a copy of this letter along with their application to SINP.

Eligibility criteria for applicants under the SINP International Skilled Worker – Employment Offer stream
  • A minimum score of 60 points as per the Points Assessment Grid. To calculate points on the SINP points assessment grid, visit my post on “How to calculate SINP EOI points
  • Proof of language proficiency along with a minimum score of CLB 4. Check my post on “Language Assessment Test”.
  • Hold a permanent, full-time job offer from an employer in Saskatchewan. The employer must be registered with SINP.
  • At least 1 year of paid work experience over the last 10 years in the mentioned occupation and a Full-time job offer required.
  • Proof of eligibility for Saskatchewan licensure in case the job offer is from an occupation regulated in the province and mandates certification of licensing. Must have a license before applying to SINP. Check my post on “How to get a CIPS Certificate” to get the license from the Canadian Information Processing Society.
  • Provide proof of legal status if the candidate is a current resident of Canada
How to Apply for SINP International Skilled Worker – Employment Offer Stream

– Candidates who satisfy the above-mentioned criteria are eligible to apply for provincial nomination on the SINP online portal. The application process doesn’t involve any fee for application processing.

– The application process requires the usual submission of all complete and accurate forms and documents as may be demanded by SINP under this sub-category.

– If the candidate’s application is approved, the applicant is notified via email. The applicant is granted an official provincial nomination and they stand eligible to further apply to the Canadian federal government for PR to the state.

– The candidate is given 6 months’ time to submit the PR application after receiving the provincial nomination from the Saskatchewan province.

– Applications submitted under this stream are relatively processed faster in comparison to those submitted under other sub-categories. The IRCC generally takes only 4 weeks to process all applications received under the International Skilled Worker Employment Offer stream.

Processing Time and Fees for SINP International Skilled Worker – Employment Offer Stream

There are no application fees for this stream and the average processing time is 3 to 4 weeks.

Note: The processing time averages mentioned for all of the categories and sub-categories in this post don’t include the additional time if any, taken by IRCC in some exceptional cases. These include time spent waiting for the submission of additional information or review of program integrity. In this case, an extra 3-4 weeks may be taken for processing all applications that have been received under the various categories.

Verify all the updated details on the official website here: International Skilled Worker: Employment Offer

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What is SINP PNP?: Conclusion

The motive of this blog is firstly, to help people to understand the immigration concepts easily and secondly, to process your immigration file on your own rather than spending time and money on consultants.

So consider this blog as a DIY guide, (Do It yourself). All the information I am posting here is only for informational and educational purposes only. Kindly verify all the details from the official website of Saskatchewan because any information can be updated anytime.

Please do your own research according to your occupation before applying to SINP PNP Canada.

Must Read SINP PNP – A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

The Canadian Immigration process is quite easy and transparent. You will definitely get Canadian PR if you have every authentic document and proof of your past and present scenario.

SINP is one of the easiest ways to move to Canada and get Canadian PR. During my application, I also consulted with many consultants, and in their point of view, SINP is a time waste and never responds to queries.

I applied by myself, and after receiving a nomination in just less than 3 months, I came to know how some consultants make a fool of too many people.

Don’t make a fool of yourself like me (at least for 2 years) and apply for your Canadian PR yourself.

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