SINP EOI System: How to Create SINP EOI profile? [Guide]

How to create SINP EOI profile

A complete step-by-step guide about the SINP EOI System and How to apply & create a SINP EOI profile.

In this detailed article, you will learn all about:

  • Introduction to the SINP EOI System
  • SINP Points Grid
  • Step by Step SINP EOI Profile creation process
  • How does SINP EOI work?
  • EOI Candidate Ranking
  • SINP EOI Processing Time

So if you are looking to apply via SINP, please follow the guide carefully.

What is the SINP EOI System?

Expression of interest (EOI) means showing interest in a particular stream of the Saskatchewan immigration nominee program.

An International Skilled Worker Expression of Interest (EOI) is a pre-application that allows you to fill out an online form to indicate your interest in applying to the SINP.

EOI submission is not an application to the SINP but just the first step of SINP.

People who are eligible under the SINP occupation in-demand stream and SINP express entry stream need to submit an EOI to express their interest in SINP.

SINP EOI Points Grid Explained

The minimum score should be 60 out of 110 points on the Point Assessment Grid to be considered for nomination by the SINP.

Points are categorized based on the two factors which are further sub-categorized in the following five factors:

Factor 1: Labour Market Success with 80 maximum points which have the following sub-categories

  • Education and training with a maximum of 23 points
  • Skilled work experience with a maximum of 15 points
  • Language ability with a maximum of 20 points
  • Age with a maximum of 12 points

Factor 2: Connection to Saskatchewan Labour Market & Adaptability with 30 maximum points rewarded to a candidate who has past work experience, close family relative, or past student experience in Saskatchewan.

  • Connection to Saskatchewan with a maximum of 30 points
The passing score for submitting the Expression of Interest (EOI) is 60 marks combining both the Factor 1 and Factor 2 points.

Official Website to calculate your points here >>SINP point assessment grid

Let us further break the points with specific education, age, and certain other factors:

Factor 1: Labour Market Success

Education and Training: Make sure you have to provide documents at a later stage for which you are gaining points to prove that you’re eligible. For example, if you claim 20 points for having a university degree, you must attach a copy of your university degree and complete transcripts. All education and training should be assessed according to Canadian equivalency from recognized origination.

Education and Training Max. Points
Master or Doctorate Degree:  23
Bachelor’s degree which is of a three or more year or any degree program at a university or college 20
Trade certification equivalent to journeyperson status in Saskatchewan 20
A diploma that requires two but less than three years at a university, college, trade or technical school, or other formal post-secondary institution 15
Certificate or at least two semesters but less than a two-year program at a university, college, trade or technical school, or other formal post-secondary institution 12

Skilled Work Experience: To gain points, the applicant must show at least one year of full-time or part-time which shows the equivalent work hours to full-time, paid work experience in his/her occupation to be eligible.

As I mentioned above you’ll need to submit a document at a later stage. An experience letter or letter of reference from the Boss/Head/supervisor or Human Resources officer must include your job duties, working hours, and other details.

You should also have proof of payslips or if you receive payment in cash then it is advisable to provide bank statements showing salary deposits in the bank. If you do not have any proof of showing salary, then ask your boss/head to write on your experience letter that you are receiving a salary in cash.

All experience letters should be on the company’s official letterhead.

Work experience in recent 0-5 years before the application submission date.

Number of Years (0-5) Points
5 years 10
4 years 8
3 years 6
2 years 4
1 year 2

Work experience in recent 6-10 years before the application submission date.

Number of Years (6-10) Points
5 years 5
4 years 4
3 years 3
2 years 2
Less than 1 year 0

For Example:
You are going to submit your profile on 1 January 2021 and if you have experience of 10 years starting from January 2011 to January 2021. For the recent 2016 to 2021 five years you will get 10 points (Refer to the First table of Skilled Work Experience) and for January 2011 to January 2016 you will get 5 points (Refer to the second table of skilled Work Experience). The total points will be 15 in skilled work experience factors.

Language Ability: Language assessment tests such as the International English Language Testing Systems (IELTS, General Training); Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP), etc. are required to prove language ability and should be less than 2 years old.

Language Ability Points Table

Language Ability Points
CLB 8 and higher 20
CLB 7 18
CLB 6 16
CLB 5 14
CLB 4 12

Native speakers without any assessment test: 0 (zero).

Age: A person less than 18 years old is not eligible to apply.

Age Points
Less than 18 years: 0
18-21 years: 8
22-34 years: 12
35-45 years:  10
46-50 years: 8
Over 50 years 0

This concludes factor 1 which has a maximum of 80 points and lets us move forward to factor 2 with a maximum of 30 points.

FACTOR 1: Max. points  80
FACTOR 2: Max. points 30
TOTAL: Max. points (1+2) 110

Factor 2: Connection to Saskatchewan Labour Market & Adaptability

Connection to Saskatchewan Labour Market & Adaptability with Maximum 30 Points

A person with a strong connection to the Saskatchewan labour market either as a previous student, past work experience, or a close relative in Saskatchewan.

Employment offer from a Saskatchewan employer: 30 points

Note: The Employment offer points are for the Employment Offer subcategory only.

Close family relative in Saskatchewan: 20 points

Note: The applicant or accompanying spouse has a family relative who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident living in Saskatchewan. This includes parent, sibling, grandparent, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, cousin, and step-family members or in-laws of the same relationships.

Past work experience in Saskatchewan: 5 points

Note: A minimum of at least 12 months of work in the past five years on a valid work permit.

Past student experience in Saskatchewan: 5 points

Note: A minimum of one full-time academic year of study at a recognized Saskatchewan post-secondary education institution on a valid study permit.

This concludes the Points Assessment Grid for Expression of Interest (EOI)

After calculating points and knowing your eligibility to create an Expression of Interest (EOI), let us start with EOI profile creation for SINP.

How to Create and Submit SINP EOI Profile?

I am going to explain the SINP EOI (Expression of Interest) profile creation process step by step.

Follow these 10 easy steps to create and apply for Saskatchewan EOI:

Step 1. Create an OASIS account here by selecting an account type either as “SINP Applicant or Expression of Interest Candidate”, “Employers” or “Recruiters and Consultants”.

SINP EOI Profile Creation Step 1

Eg. if you are applying for SINP as an international skilled worker, you will be selecting SINP Applicant or Expression of Interest Candidate and pressing the “Continue” button.

Step 2. Create a username and provide basic information which includes name, date of birth and email address and press “Submit”


Step 3. Portal will show you a notification at the top of the page describing that your registration has been successful and you will receive your username and password at the mentioned email address.

Check your email address and log in on the portal with a given username and password in the email. It generally shows the screen of the password expires.

You just need to create a new password with the given instructions for a strong password. After the creation of a new password, you will be directed to the home page of your account.

Step 4. Click on “Please click here to begin” and start filling in your details like :

  • Name
  • Passport number
  • Passport expiry date
  • Home address
  • Mailing address

Here, it will ask you ‘Please select one: select ‘I am a skilled worker who wants to work and live in Saskatchewan’

and it will ask you, Do you have a representative that will be conducting business on your behalf with immigration?’ just click on ‘NO’ if you are filing your application.

choose one category under which you are going to apply, and choose yes or no if you have an immigration consultant or not.

Click on “Continue to next section” and jump to the next section.

Step 5. Answer questions to determine eligibility like:

  • A job offer
  • Acceptance in express entry profile
  • Express Entry profile number
  • Jobseeker validation code
  • and select your NOC code.

Job offer: NO

If you are applying via the SINP Express entry stream, then press YES, otherwise click on NO

Let us click on ‘YES

SINP eoi profile creation step 5

and the rest of both options should be YES.

have you completed post-secondary education, training or apprenticeship from a university, college or trade school that resulted in a degree, diploma or certificate: YES

and is your education related to occupation: YES.

now click on the ‘SAVE button on the top right corner and click Determine the category.

Press “Yes” to double-check the category under which you are applying. It must be an International Skilled Worker – Express Entry Stream.

Step 6. Confirm your birth date, and address,

and press “Next” at the top right corner.

Step 7. Once you jump to the next step.

create SINP eoi profile step 7

You will see the “Birth date and Address” tab on the left-hand side will turn GREEN which signifies that the section is complete.

Step 8. Start checking the “Eligibility for Application” section which is also already filled previously,

how to create SINP EOi profile step 8

so just click “Next” at the top right corner.

Step 9.EOI Points” section will access your eligibility according to the above-mentioned EOI point’s grid. which I have explained above in this article or you can watch my youtube video here on ‘how to calculate SINP points?

Start filling in details very carefully.

SINP EOI profile creation step 9 - EOI points

and press “Next”.

You will notice it will again show the same page as there is no next step in it.

Step 10. Review your profile carefully.

SINP eoi profile creation step 10 -Submit Expression of Interest

now, submit the completed SINP Expression of Interest (EOI) by clicking on the “Submit Expression of Interest” button.

It will show you this message :

SINP eoi submitted message final step

Once its been submitted, you will see the details, your SINP total applicant points and your SINP EOI Expiration date.

EOI Expiry date

Can I make changes to the SINP EOI profile after submission?

yes, you can make any changes to your SINP EOI profile after submitting your expression of interest. Step 4, EOI points, will show you your profile status: Submitted.

You will see these two yellow buttons named;

  • Cancel EOI
  • Make changes to EOI

how to Make changes to SINP EOI profile

Important: You must save and click on submit an expression of interest button again to re-submit your EOI application once you make the changes.

Expression of Interest (EOI) not submitted in 30 days of creation will expire. Only submitted Expression of Interest is eligible to receive an invitation to apply. Expression of Interest (EOI) can remain in the pool for 12 months from the date of receipt. If your EOI is not submitted during this time, it will be removed from the Expression of Interest pool and you will be able to resubmit.

How does the SINP EOI System work?

You must make sure that the information you provide in your EOI (Express of Interest) is current and accurate at all times.

If something changes, you must update your profile so that the current score replicates your current situation related to language results, new degree, or diploma acquired.

The Saskatchewan immigration nominee program does not limit the intake of EOI profiles but SINP may limit the selection of EOIs by occupation so that applications do not exceed employment demand in Saskatchewan.

If SINP finds that you provided false information or left out important details, your application will be refused.

Let me explain in simple easy steps how EOI System Works:

how SINP EOI system works

  1. A candidate creates and submits an Express of Interest (EOI)
  2. EOI profile goes into the EOI candidate pool. You will be ranked based on the information you provide
  3. SINP conducts a draw to choose EOI profiles from the pool. The highest-ranked candidates will be invited to apply to the SINP. (Check the latest SINP draws 2023)
  4. The SINP will communicate with you by email to inform you about the Invitation to Apply (ITA)
  5. If you are invited to apply, you can use the same login information you created for your EOI to upload the required documents for SINP.
  6. After submission, it will go to the final process which is the ‘SINP assessment’.

How SINP EOI Candidates Are Ranked?

Expression of Interest (EOI) profiles automatically receive a score based on the above-mentioned criteria of the EOI point’s grid.

Number one priority will be given to SINP’s Expression of Interest profiles with the highest point scores. If more than one or many candidates have the same point score then further selection criteria (second priority) will be applied.

To select from profiles with equal scores, candidates with connections to Saskatchewan will be given priority. So, the second priority will be given to the Candidates who have a close family relative in Saskatchewan, past work experience in Saskatchewan, or past study experience in Saskatchewan.

The third priority will be given to those with the most work experience and highest language scores.

What to do when you get an ITA (Invitation to Apply)?

Once you have submitted the expression of interest. SINP will process your application and If you are selected to apply you will get an ITA (Invitation to Apply).

After you get the ITA, You will get 60 days to complete and submit your application.

To submit an application, you will have to log into an OASIS account, with the same credentials (user/password) and click on the Start Part 1 of Application button there.

SINP EOI Processing Time

The whole SINP Application processing times vary from candidate to candidate.

SINP’s target is to process all the International skilled worker and Saskatchewan Experience stream applications in under 16 weeks if they get all the proper documentation and all the information they require.

So, if you are applying under ‘International Skilled Worker’ and have submitted all the proper documentation :

If we look at SINP’s Quarter 3: 2020-2021 (Oct-Dec, 2020) figures.

  • Employment offer applications took about 3 weeks.
  • SINP OID (occupation-in-demand) stream applications: 27 weeks
  • SINP EE (Express Entry) stream applications: 32 weeks
They have not included any time which was spent waiting for additional information or documents. So you may include a 3-4 weeks additional waiting period, just in case you get any additional documents requested.

/SINP Related Resources/

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When I filed my application, there was no SINP EOI in the picture. SINP accepts an application when it opens and only accepts the defined number of the application.

Please remember, If you provide any false information in your EOI, it may be considered as misrepresentation and it will lead to refusal of your applications as well as a ban from applying to the SINP for a period of two years.

I hope you got all the detailed information about the Saskatchewan EOI system and you will be able to create a SINP EOI profile on your own following this step-by-step process. If my article has helped you, I would love to read your comments, If you still have any questions please comment down below.

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