Why is Saskatoon Called The Paris of The Prairies?

why is Saskatoon called Paris of the Prairies

Saskatoon also known as ‘The Paris of the Prairies’ is a beautiful vibrant city located in the heart of Saskatchewan province of Canada. Saskatoon is one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada. Saskatoon’s population is growing by 1.9% every year and has ranked the #7th fastest population growth as of 2023.

About Saskatoon (The Paris of The Prairies)

Saskatoon, the city was founded in the year 1883. Saskatoon is located In the middle of Saskatchewan, Canada, located on the South Saskatchewan river.

Some major highlights of ‘The Paris of The Prairies‘ Saskatoon:

  • Saskatoon is the biggest city in Saskatchewan with a total area of 228.1 km².
  • Saskatoon has the tallest building in Saskatchewan called ‘Nutrien Tower.
  • Saskatchewan’s biggest university is located in the heart of the city of Saskatoon.
  • ‘Nutrien’ which is the world’s biggest potash producer, is headquartered in Saskatoon’s downtown.
  • Saskatoon is named after an edible berry fruit.
  • Saskatoon is one of the sunniest cities with an average of 2,381 hours of beautiful sunshine every year.

Saskatoon Name Origin: What does Saskatoon mean?

Saskatoon’s name came from a ‘Cree’ word, Mis-Sask-Quah-Toomina. That means a local edible wild red berry.

History for the word ‘Saskatoon’ is the modification of the ‘Cree‘ word misa-skwato-min a berry fruit.

Saskatoon is also called the City of Bridges for its 8 great bridges. ‘Stoon’ is the short form of Saskatoon.

Why is Saskatoon Called Paris of The Prairies?

Saskatoon is the largest city in the province of Saskatchewan. Saskatoon is known as the ‘Paris of the Prairies’ because of 8 bridges, that go over the South Saskatchewan River, connecting the city from east to west side. Saskatoon is also called The City of Bridges. This beautiful and one of Canada’s fastest-growing cities is surrounded by beautiful scenic views and greenery.

The most beautiful fact about the city is, that it has less traffic as compared to any other big city, you can literally travel from one part of the city to another within 10-15 minutes.

It’s also said, the great Bob Dylan once dubbed this pretty little city “Paris of the Prairies.” No one seems to know exactly why.

What is common between the Paris of The Prairies and Paris?

Most numbers of bridges make it common between the Paris of the Prairies Saskatoon and Paris. Saskatoon has 8 bridges flying over the South Saskatchewan River.

Each bridge has its own history. Here you can find the history of Saskatoon Bridges.

The city of Saskatoon is surrounded by these 8 bridges:

  • Chief Mistawasis Bridge.
  • Traffic Bridge (Also Known as Victoria Bridge)
  • Broadway Bridge
  • University Bridge
  • Spadina Crescent Bridge
  • Senator Sidney L. Buckwold Bridge (Earlier ‘Idylwyld Freeway’)
  • Circle Drive Bridge. …
  • Circle Drive South Bridge.

The Capital of France, Paris city also has got the 8 superlative bridges. Although Paris has got a whopping 37 bridges.

But these are the 8 superlative brides that Paris city has.

  • Pont Neuf
  • Pont Alexandre III
  • Pont Bir-Hakeim
  • Passerelle Simone-de-Beauvoir
  • Pont de la Concorde
  • Pont Charles-de-Gaulle
  • Pont Mirabeau
  • Pont des Arts
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What is Saskatoon famous for?

Stoon aka Saskatoon is famous for really great things.

Such as:

  • Saskatoon is famous for its 8 bridges
  • POW: Potash, Oil, and Wheat
  • Famous for Its name ‘Paris of the Prairies’
  • The Hub City, because its a hub of Saskatchewan
  • Got the largest potash exporter in the world ‘ Nutrien’ headquarters
  • Saskatoon is the only city in Canada that has Perogy Drive Thru named ‘Baba’s Homestyle Perogies
  • Famous for its lakes and trails
  • Saskatoon has the world record for the world’s largest snowball fight was held in Saskatoon in the year 2016 (as per the Guinness Book World Records)

and famous for hundreds of more facts.

Here you can check this amazing video, Saskatoon: The Paris of The Prairies

Which University is located in Saskatoon?

U of S: the University of Saskatchewan is located on the east side of the South Saskatchewan River in the heart of the most vibrant city Saskatoon. U of S is Canada’s one of top universities.

What’s the population of Saskatoon in 2023?

Saskatoon is the 7th fastest-growing city in terms of population. Saskatoon has a population of approx. 3,37,000+ as of January 2023. If choosing between Saskatoon vs Regina, many new immigrants choose Saskatoon over Regina the biggest city in Saskatchewan. But others choose Regina as well, both cities have their own charm and history, both cities are great, it all depends on personal preference.

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