Saskatchewan Slang Words: 17 [Slang] Phrases You Should Know

Saskatchewan Slang Phrases

Wants to learn Saskatchewan slang, eh? Alright, let’s get straight into it. In this post, you will know the common and un-common slang phrases used in Saskatchewan.

Btw, if you are new to ‘Saskatchewan’, did you ever get stuck at saying ‘Saskatcha-won’ or ‘Saskatche-what? Don’t worry you are not alone. Of course, when you hear it the first time, many of us can’t pronounce ‘Saskatchewan’ correctly.

How to pronounce ‘Saskatchewan’ correctly?

Here in simple words, how to pronounce ‘Sas’ ‘Catch’ ‘Uwan’ and repeat it one more time, ‘Sas’ ‘CatchU’ ‘Wan’.

Saskatchewan is a beautiful prairie province that lies right in the middle of Manitoba and Alberta. There are many unique phrases or slang used in prairies, but let’s talk about some most common slang words that are being used in Saskatchewan.

17 Saskatchewan Slang Words to Know

Here is a list of lesser-known slang phrases used in Saskatchewan that you should know about. Stubble jumpers from Saskatchewan are very friendly and welcoming.

If you are from Saskatchewan, I am sure most of these unique, fun and forgotten Saskatchewan slang phrases you weren’t aware of.

[1.] Bunnyhug (Bunny Hug)

Bunnyhug? That sounds like a real bunny hug, eh? Nope, the bunnyhug is the commonly used slang for ‘hoodies’ In simple words, hoodies or sweatshirts are being called ‘bunnyhug’. It’s also been used in other parts of Canada as well.

Saskatchewan Slang: Bunnyhug
Saskatchewan Slang: Bunnyhug

I’ve read that this word came from the very old days when people used to wear real bunny fur where you can put your hands in front of your waist, (like hoodies now) due to the extremely cold weather in Saskatchewan.

[2.] Stoon

‘Stoon’ known as ‘Saskatoon‘ city, is also being considered another name for ‘Saskatoon. Some people in Saskatchewan use a slang word that refers to Saskatoon, ‘stoon’.

[3.] ViCo

I am not sure if anyone has heard of the word vi-co in the present times, Vi-Co was one of the popular phrases in the 90s. It’s been used in conversations in the 90s.

Vi-Co was a brand which used to make chocolate milk in the early 90s. And that was available in Saskatchewan in the year 1995.

[4.] Gotch or Gitch

So what ‘gotches’ are the best for runners? any clue, about the slang ‘gotch’? No worries, so the phrase ‘gotch’ actually means ‘Men’s underwear’. This slang is being used in Saskatchewan and some parts of Manitoba.

[5.] Rank

Rank? yes, Rank is a versatile Saskatchewan slang, it’s also used as slang which means ‘intense or crazy’, But watch out for mixed signals some people use it in other ways, thinking it means ‘stinky or gross’.

[6.] Speed Swimming

Speed swimming is simply referred to as ‘competitive swimming’.

[7.] Pull

okay, now what does ‘pull’ slang mean in Saskatchewan? Pull simply means ‘boot’ in Saskatchewan.

[8.] Stubble Jumper

I’ve many new ‘stubble jumpers’ friends and believe me they are very nice.

Confused?, Well ‘stubble jumper’ is being used to refer to someone who is from the Prairies.

[9.] Buckle Bunny

Meet an ultimate Buckle Bunny. @BuckleBunnyBarbie

Buckle Bunny means a young woman who is a ‘rodeo groupie’ or you can say ‘cowboy groupie’.

Buckly Bunny Explanation: A “Buckle Bunny” is a rodeo enthusiast, often a young woman, who’s charmed by the world of cowboys and rodeo events. They’re the rodeo’s biggest fans!

[10.] Thongs

‘Thongs’ is a phrase some people in Saskatchewan use to refer to ‘flip-flops’. So, don’t confuse it with ‘underwear’ it’s actually used to refer to flip-flops.

Interesting Saskatchewan Slang/Distinct Dialect

There must be thousands of fun and interesting Saskatchewan’s distinct dialects, let’s have a look at some of them.

[11.] Grids

Grids are the most common word used in Saskatchewan it refers to grid roads. Grid roads mean sandy gravel roads.

[12.] Toboggan

The ‘Toboggan’ phrase is used in Saskatchewan to refer to a ‘sled’ which is being used to slide down the snowy places or hills.

[13.] Toque

Toque is a common term used in Saskatchewan during the cold winter which is known as ‘warm winter hat’ or ‘kitted winter hat.

How to perfectly use Toque in your everyday conversation?

“Make sure you pack your toque – it’s going to be freezing in Saskatchewan this week!”

[14.] Bismark

Bismarck Doughnuts

In Saskatchewan, Bismarks simply means ‘doughnuts’ filled with jelly or puddings. (source)

[15.] Bush League

Bush League simply refers to something you don’t like. For example, if you don’t like a novel, if you want to leave a review of the novel, in Saskatchewan way you will say ‘This novel was Bush League.’

[16.] Supper

Alright, it’s not an extended ‘super’ lol. It’s actually referred to as ‘dinner’. Supper simply means dinner in Saskatchewan. Eg. if you want to for a walk after dinner, in Saskatchewan way you would say, ‘Let’s go for a walk after supper.’

[17.] Beep

Have you ever heard of ‘Beep’ in Saskatchewan? Yes ‘Beep’ was a really popular orange fruit juice drink in the back days in Saskatchewan.


Saskatchewan Slang Words: Summary

I hope you have laughed, giggled and learned something new today after reading this list of Saskatchewan slang phrases which are unknown to most people around Canada.

Especially if you are new in Saskatchewan you should know about these popular, rare yet unknown words used in Saskatchewan.

If you are from Saskatchewan, please mention more slang words in the comment section which most people don’t know about.

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