Which Language Assessment Test is Required for Canada PR?

language assessment test

Language assessment test is the most important step in your Canadian PR journey. Language assessment test for Canada PR is mandatory.

Every province in Canada has their own requirement if you are planning to move through PNP.

If you are planning through express entry, you will have to clear the language assessment exam only then you will be eligible to create express entry profile.

What is the Language Assessment Test for Canada PR?

To apply for permanent residency in Canada, you will need to prove your English or French abilities to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). You must prove your language skills by taking an approved language assessment test.

The language test evaluates these abilities:

  • writing
  • reading
  • listening
  • speaking

Language tests are one of the eligibility requirements for all 3 programs under Express Entry:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

Which language test is required for Canada PR?

Canada immigration applicants may submit language test results from an IELTS or CELPIP test to show English proficiency, and/or language test results from a TEF or TCF test to show French proficiency.

French tests approved by IRCC :

-TEF Canada: Visit here

TEF is very reputed for the French-language test. There are many test locations around the world and their fee varies from country to country.

-TCF Canada: Visit here

There are many test locations around the world and their fee varies from country to country.

English tests approved by IRCC:

-IELTS: Visit here

To get considered under Express Entry, you must take the “General Training” option.

Your results will not be accepted if you give your exam under “Academic Training”.

There are many test locations around the world. Fees vary from country to country. After giving your exam you will receive your results within 13 days by SMS or online. A hard copy can be received later on.

-​CELPIP : visit here

you must take the “General Test” option and not the “General LS Test”. The available test locations are in Canada, Dubai, Manila, Chandigarh and New York and again fees vary from country to country.

You should get your results within 8 business days.

How to convert language assessment test results to CLB level?

A full conversion chart showing below how IELTS, TEF and CELPIP results translate into CLB levels can be found below.

You can use your test results to find your CLB level.

TEF to CLB conversion chart

Description TEF
4 Fluent basic 145-180 121-150 181-225 181-225
5 Initial intermediate 181-216 151-180 226-270 226-270
6 Developing intermediate 217-248 181-206 271-309 271-309
7 Adequate intermediate 249-279 207-232 310-348 310-348
8 Fluent intermediate 280-297 233-247 349-370 349-370
9 Initial advanced 298-315 248-262 371-392 371-392
10 Developing advanced 316-333 263-277 393-415 393-415

TCF to CLB conversion chart

Description TCF
4 Fluent basic 331-368 342-374 4-5 4-5
5 Initial intermediate 369-397 375-405 6 6
6 Developing intermediate 398-457 406-452 7-9 7-9
7 Adequate intermediate 458-502 453-498 10-11 10-11
8 Fluent intermediate 503-522 499-523 12-13 12-13
9 Initial advanced 523-548 524-548 14-15 14-15
10 Developing advanced 549-699 549-699 16-20 16-20

 IELTS to CLB conversion chart

CLB Level Description IELTS
1 Initial Basic 1 1 1 1
2 Developing Basic 2 1.5 2 2
3 Adequate Basic 3.5 2.5 3 3
4 Fluent basic 4.5 3.5 4 4
5 Initial intermediate 5 4 5 5
6 Developing intermediate 5.5 5 5.5 5.5
7 Adequate intermediate 6 6 6 6
8 Fluent intermediate 7.5 6.5 6.5 6.5
9 Initial advanced 8 7 7 7
10 Developing advanced 8.5 8 7.5 7.5
11 Adequate Advanced 9 8.5 8 8
12 Fluent Advanced 9 9 9 9

 CELPIP to CLB conversion chart

CLB Level Description CELPIP
#1 Initial Basic 1 1 1 1
#2 Developing Basic 2 2 2 2
#3 Adequate Basic 3 3 3 3
#4 Fluent basic 4 4 4 4
#5 Initial intermediate 5 5 5 5
#6 Developing intermediate 6 6 6 6
#7 Adequate intermediate 7 7 7 7
#8 Fluent intermediate 8 8 8 8
#9 Initial advanced 9 9 9 9
#10 Developing advanced 10 10 10 10
#11 Adequate Advanced 11 11 11 11
#12 Fluent Advanced 12 12 12 12

How long Language Assessment Test results are valid?

Your test results will be valid for 2 years and must be less than two years old when you submit your application for permanent residence.

What if my IELTS got expired?

Before applying to express entry, you must ensure that your language test or IELTS is still valid and must not be older than 2 years old. In addition to this, if you’ve been invited to apply for permanent residence check that you’re IELTS results are still valid when you plan to apply.

If you haven’t been invited to apply for permanent residence but still you may want to make sure your results are valid for the rest of the time you’ll be in the pool.

If your results will expire before you can apply, you should:

  • be tested again or
  • apply before your test results expire or
  • decline the invitation and go back into the pool to be considered in the future

If you apply for permanent residence with language test results that have expired, IRCC will refuse your application.

What is the minimum IELTS score for Canada PR?

The minimum requirements of IELTS for Canada PR vary from program to program as mentioned below:

  • To become the eligible candidates of Express Entry, you will need to have language test results equivalent to or more than the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 that means 6 in each module.
  • Applying as a Federal Skilled Worker, a candidate must have CLB 7 equals an IELTS score of 6.0 in each module but scoring more than the minimum requirements for sure increases your chances to get ITA faster.
  • Applying via Canadian Experience Class, a candidate in a NOC 0 or A occupation, must need at least a 6.0 in IELTS. However, if your occupation falls under NOC B skill level, you can also enter in the pool with a 5.0 IELTS score in speaking, writing, and listening, and a 4.0 in reading.
  • Applying via Federal Skilled Trades candidates, who may be able to enter the pool with minimum IELTS scores of 4.0 in writing and speaking, 3.5 in reading, and 4.5 in listening, which all equal to a CLB level 4.

What is the best IELTS Score for Canada PR?

  • As shown above, in the CLB chart, the best IELTS score for Canada PR is CLB 10 which leads to the addition of 32-34 CRS points which is hard to achieve
  • The most achievable IELTS score for Canada PR is 8 in Listening and 7 each in Reading, Writing and Speaking as it takes you to CLB 9 which leads to the addition of 29-31 CRS points
  • As I describe above, CLB 7 is the minimum requirement for basic eligibility for Canada PR under express entry.

Is IELTS Re-Evaluation is allowed?

Yes, definitely! You can claim an IELTS re-evaluation if you are not convinced with the results and thinks that there is a mistake in marking. You can request for remarking within six weeks from the date of test results and you need to pay for the re-evaluations.

Can I give the IELTS exam multiple times?

Yes, for sure!. You can attempt IELTS as many times as you want to achieve the best and maximum score according to desired CLB levels.

If new test results have more scores than the previous one, then go ahead for a new one which will increase your CRS points.

Make sure that the results you entered while creating your express entry profile and if you got ITA based on those results then definitely you will add the same score and report while submitting documents with ITA.

Does my spouse need IELTS for express entry?

Well, your spouse does not need to give an IELTS exam if you are a primary applicant even if your spouse is accompanying you or not.

However, whether your spouse gives IELTS or not will affect your CRS score. You can earn up to 20 more CRS points by having your spouse IELTS results.

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Conclusion :

I would wrap up my post by saying, you should try your best to get 8,7,7,7 in your IELTS language assessment test to boost your CRS score.

Just give your best shot, keep practicing.

Don’t get dishearten if you can’t achieve higher CLB level, in that case you can start exploring low CRS PNP options.

You can check this complete SINP PNP step-by-step guide to check your requirement, whole  process and how it works.

I hope you will find my this language assessment test guide and all other guides helpful, if you find it helpful please share it with your friends who ever are trying to move to Canada on their own.

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